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IQ Medical. iQ HealthMaps Intelligent healthcare through local intelligence.

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1 iQ Medical

2 iQ HealthMaps Intelligent healthcare through local intelligence

3 iQ HealthMaps “Tools should be developed that enable practices to understand the business case for improved health and reduced costs of healthcare by addressing behavioural risk factors in the practice population. These will support practice based commissioning and underpin a potentially assertive model of practice intervention.” ‘Enabling Effective Delivery of Health and Wellbeing’ Report DH, February 2010

4 Provides understanding of the health needs (met and unmet) and the social and ethnic differences in practice population. Identifies where, to whom and how to target approaches to improve health, more cost efficiently. Provides a total picture of need – goes beyond NHS data to include important proxy indicators of health and on patient behaviours. iQ HealthMaps – principle objectives

5 Provides evidence needed to produce business cases for service redesign based on the local population’s long-term needs. Identifies unmet need, pinpoints conditions where primary care may be failing to pick people up, and place services appropriately. iQ HealthMaps – principle objectives

6 Combines a number of disparate information sources into one intuitive tool: – Patient information held on GP clinical systems – Secondary care data (e.g. SUS / validated data) – Predictive risk modelling tools – Geographic mapping – Socio-demographic profiles (Mosaic Public Sector™) – Ethnic origin profiles (Mosaic Origins™) – Health influences e.g. Takeaways, pubs (Experian Business) iQ HealthMaps

7 Objective comments by FDA “HealthMaps is an excellent tool whose time is definitely now.” “We suspect you don’t realise just how good this product is!” “For GP practices it can help identify morbidity not yet diagnosed improve practice health data, QOF points and result in improved patient care/outcomes.” “For commissioners it would be an indispensable decision support tool, e.g. decide where to deploy services effectively, such as community matrons – the locations will appear before their very eyes!”

8 The last word… “We are delighted to be working with iQ. We believe that HealthMaps is not only the best tool currently available for fusing health, activity, need and cost data but it is also the most user friendly in the market place. HealthMaps will provide PCTs and other stakeholders with the data analysis they will need as part of a comprehensive scoping stage of any change programme. HealthMaps is also a powerful tool for public health specialists and commissioning staff interested in targeting interventions and monitoring performance” Professor Jeff French, PhD, MBA, MSc, PGDHEd, BA, Cert Ed. CEO, Strategic Social Marketing Ltd Founder of and Principal Advisor to the National Social Marketing Centre Former Director of Planning & Communication, Health Development Agency

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