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Breakdown of the Loyal User and frequency in 2007.

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1 Breakdown of the Loyal User and frequency in 2007.

2 Recommendation! Check the topics list of the VoltiBulletin regularly! If you have a product that matches the topics then consider a Loyal User. 1.You will be communicating to information hungry electrical contractors and specifiers. 2. They will have already shown interest in this topic and therefore a greater likelihood in your product.

3 VoltiSpecials in May and June

4 Electrical Oracle’s editor- Paul Haddlesey. Update on competition

5 What Frankie has been up to… VoltiTV: The EXPOSED series From trash to treasure: The lifecycle of a lamp Feature Articles: Woking Borough: Taking green steps toward a smaller carbon footprint Redefining Intelligence: Smart technology becoming a smart choice for building industry professionals Industry News: The real jewels of the Tower: JTL Apprentices gather for national award ceremony Monthly Pieces: “A day in the life of…”- A Technical Director of a Leading Systems Integrator (Andromeda Telematics- using KNX technology at British Library) “On the desk of…”- ECA President Bob Hall

6 A day in the life of… a Technical Director of a Leading Systems Integrator

7 On My Desk: ECA President Bob Hall

8 Product Testing

9 Voltimum’s Product Test Introduction Product Testing gives Voltimum users the possibility to test a product from a Voltimum manufacturing partner. The carefully selected user must test the product, record results on a questionnaire and send them back to Voltimum. After the test, the user can keep the product for free. The manufacturer cannot change the content of the product test results, but has the ability to approve/disapprove publishing the results. Upon manufacture approval, Voltimum will publish the results in its newsletter and on the portal. Why? Product promotion/ introduction/ launch Product feedback/ improvement Generate future product ideas Customers value the opinions of other customers (credible source) The Product Test Area Voltimum will create an area on the portal that will display the current available test opportunities, completed tests and will link to the test application form and terms and conditions. Voltimum will prompt users to connect to the Product Test area through the newsletters and possibly through the homepage.

10 Product Test Process Preparation: 1. The manufacturer provides the to-be-tested-product information to Voltimum 2. The manufacturer determines how many users should participate. Voltimum suggests 3 or 5 participants 3. Voltimum and the manufacturer define the dates for the test Application phase: 4. Voltimum announces the test in the newsletter and on the test area 5. The application phase on the portal takes approximately a week 6. Voltimum provides all applicant candidates and their forms to the manufacturer Pre-Test phase: 7. The manufacturer chooses the tester within the agreed period 8. Voltimum Products Test Questionnaires have five standard questions and the manufacturer can add five of their own questions 9. Voltimum informs the chosen tester and sends them the questionnaire and a letter of agreement. Before the test can start, the tester has to sign the letter of agreement and send it back to Voltimum. The letter of agreement informs the user that they have to fulfil their obligation of filling out a detailed questionnaire in order to keep the product for free.

11 10. After the tester submits their agreement, Voltimum informs the manufacturer to send the product to the tester. 11. Test phase 12. The tester has to inform Voltimum when they receive the product. They then have 3-4 weeks to test the product 13. At the end of the test stage, Voltimum obtains the results and provides them to the manufacturer. Communication of the results: 14. The manufacturer decides if the results should be published. The manufacturer cannot change the content of the results. 15. After approval, Voltimum publishes the results.




15 VoltiBULLETIN 2007 – Segmentation Of Userlist VoltiBULLETIN For Specifiers, Panel Builders, M&E Consultants etc VoltiBULLETIN In Practice For Contractors

16 Registrations to 31/08/2006 VoltiBULLETIN 2007 Statistics

17 Who is reading VoltiBULLETIN? E – Small Electrical Contractor I – Large Electrical Contractor S – Specifier D- Wholesale Distributor P – Panel Builder O - Others

18 Technical Expertise Area Continues to be one of the most popular areas on Voltimum. 1233 questions in our Q&A archive. Growth is not as good as it could be due to inconsistent answering times of experts. Some experts/partners have good systems in place, whereas others need to be prompted to answer questions. Marketing teams should make sure they know the email address and experts in their own company. If you can check with your technical teams to see if they know their Voltimum log-ins and send an email to if they require any help.

19 Technical Expertise Area

20 The following is the breakdown of the questions in our database by category:

21 1.Fluke 1650 meets very latest safety requirements for installation testers - Fluke 2.(447 T&A&M, VoltiNEWS) VoltiNEWS stats – Top Art

22 AOB Top 50 contractors – Electrical Times Advent Calendar Next meeting date.

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