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European Developments Transmission Workgroup 1 March 2012.

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1 European Developments Transmission Workgroup 1 March 2012

2 Winter Outlook 2011-12 Further Information Requested

3 ENTSOG Winter Supply Outlook - Background  ENTSOG Winter Supply Outlook was published on 14 th December  The Third package (Reg 715) defines the obligation for ENTSOG to publish a Winter and a Summer Supply Outlook every year  It provide a picture of the resilience of the European gas network during the forth coming season.  There was a dual approach to the 20112/12 Winter Outlook The Outlook aims to evaluate system resilience through a scenario-based approach and not to forecast stakeholders’ behaviour

4 What Influence Gas Demand have on European UGS Stock Levels  ENTSOG investigated the impact of gas demand on UGS stock levels from October 2011 to March 2012  Sensitivity studies were produced around a Reference Case (1-in- 2 Winter and supply being the average of last 2 years with UGS as last resort supply) Stock level at the end of each month Sept. 2011Oct. 2011Nov. 2011Dec. 2011Jan. 2012Feb. 2012Mar. 2012 Reference CA 91% 93%86%75%60%48%42% Cold WinterUGS only 88%75%56%33%14%1% Imports & UGS 90%78%61%41%23%13% Warm WinterUGS only 98%97%94%87%83% Imports & UGS 96%94%88%79%72%71%  Gas in UGS storage is sufficient to cover on its own an additional demand of 10% upper the average winter (such increase is as high as the French winter demand)

5 UGS decreased deliverability due to low stock level in the end of the winter has no negative impact on system flexibility ENTSOG investigated a high daily level of demand (statistically occurring once every 20 years) for January and March. Reference supplies were defined as the highest daily levels reached in last 2 winters per supply type, with UGS as last resort supply Peak in January 2012 Peak in March 2012 Remaining Flexibility when Facing Peak Demand

6 North West – Gas Regional Investment Plan Post Consultation Response

7 Gas Regional Investment Plan  The North West European TSOs produced their Gas Regional Investment Plan 2011-2020 (NW GRIP). It is the first edition of this regional statement on long-term gas infrastructure development.  The core focus of the NW GRIP 2011-2020 was to highlight how TSO infrastructure projects impact the Interconnection Points within the NW region, along with the entry points into the region from countries where gas is directly imported from outside the EU.  It therefore provides an insight to shippers on potential new capacities.

8 Consultation Response  The NW TSOs ran a consultation on the published GRIP from 21 st November 2011 to 31 st January  The NW TSOs received only 1 consultation response (from EFET)  Requesting further incremental capacity information at cross border points  The TSO are discussion about the next steps for the GRIP  Present the consultation result at the GRI meeting in March

9 Interoperability Update Transmission Workgroup 1 st March 2012

10 Interoperability Update  ACER published a ‘Problem Identification Analysis’ paper on 13 th February  The purpose was to:  Solicit views about what the genuine technical barriers are to the efficient functioning of the EU gas market  Inform ACER’s thinking about the scope of the Interoperability Framework Guideline  The primary audience was the 10 person ‘Expert Group’ appointed by ACER although it has gone wider  The Expert Group met and discussed the document in Vienna on 16 th February

11 Problem Identification Analysis: The Topics Covered  Nominations  Interconnection Agreements  Capacity calculation  Gas quality  Odourisation  Units  Data Exchange

12 Feedback from the Experts Group Meeting  Interoperability is still viewed by ACER as fundamental to facilitating cross border flows  However, it is proving difficult to identify EU wide issues that require addressing in an EU Code  Some regulators appeared to be in favour of minimising the content of the Interoperability FG / Code  Gas Quality was viewed as a local problem  The inclusion of Capacity Calculation was challenged  Nominations has largely moved to the Balancing Code  Lack of common units is not really a barrier to trade

13 Next Steps  ACER still plan to release the Framework Guideline and Impact Assessment in March  The topics discussed so far are all likely to appear  However, there may be a more ‘local’ agenda – i.e. greater emphasis on TSO to TSO cooperation on solutions and NRA involvement to determine appropriate cost allocation  We will report to the Workgroup again in April

14 EU CAM Network Code and CMP Guideline Proposal Update Transmission Workgroup 1 st March 2012

15 Capacity Allocation Mechanism (CAM) - Update  30th January 2012, ENTSOG launched the Stakeholder Support Process – in which users were asked whether they were able to support the Network Code (NC) and the process undertaken to develop it  The Stakeholder Support Process closed 13 th February 2012  Respondents indicated a high level of support for the process undertaken and the NC  The one exception relates to cross border capacity. A high proportion of stakeholders said they were unable to support the sunset clause nor accept the mandatory bundling of new capacity  Frontier Economics appointed by ACER to evaluate ENTSOG auction design and assessment against current models  Network Code to be formally issued to ACER 6 th March 2012.

16 Congestion Management Procedures (CMP) Guidelines - Update  The Commission published previous version of the Draft Guidelines – 19 th December 2011  GB Stakeholder meeting held with DECC 13 th January 2012  Written views provided to DECC  The first Comitology meeting for Member States held 26 th January 2012  Constructive meeting  Expect only one more meeting in April  Some issues – but minor expect no significant change?  DECC / Ofgem GB industry meeting held 3 rd February 2012.

17 Congestion Management Procedures (CMP) Guidelines - Update  New version received 7 th Feb via Ofgem from the 1 st Comitology meeting:  CMP now applicable to entry / exit from 3 rd countries  Not in line with CAM  Firm UIOLI (RoRR) text included to consider opinion of NRA on the other side of the IP  Secondary market not included  Implementation 1 st Oct 13  Single transparency platform 1 st July 13?  DECC & OFGEM requested further Industry comments on new version by 9 th February 2012.

18 EU Updates Timetable  Timetable aims to highlight the key items (consultations, workshops, decisions, etc.) National Grid NTS expect to cover via this agenda item in the forthcoming months TopicTX Workgroup Balancing update – where available, information on the forthcoming consultation Interoperability update April 2012 CAM update Balancing Consultation update - Provide further details of consultation and initial views of issues for consideration by GB stakeholders May 2012 Balancing update - Provide update on our views and response CAM update June 2012

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