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STRATEGY CREATIVE MEDIA DIGITAL PR Ten Alps Media Mike Higgins Media Director.

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1 STRATEGY CREATIVE MEDIA DIGITAL PR Ten Alps Media Mike Higgins Media Director

2 INTEGRATED MARKETING What is Direct Response Marketing “Direct-Response Marketing is a type of marketing designed to generate an immediate response from consumers, where each consumer response (and purchase) can be measured, and attributed to individual advertisements. [1] This form of marketing is differentiated from other marketing approaches, primarily because there are no intermediaries such as retailers between the buyer and seller, and therefore the buyer must contact the seller directly to purchase products or services. Direct-response marketing is delivered through a wide variety of media, including DRTV, radio, mail, print advertising, telemarketing, catalogues, and the Internet” – Wikipediamarketing [1]mediaDRTVradiomailtelemarketingcataloguesInternet INTRODUCTION “You know, in the advertising community today, there are two worlds — your world of direct response advertising, and that other world, the world of general advertising. These two worlds are on a collision course. You direct response people know what kind of advertising works and what doesn’t work. You know it to a dollar. The general advertising people don’t know.” - David Olgivy


4 INTEGRATED MARKETING The Return Path for Everything INTERNET Website SEO PPC Display IPTV Social Viral Email TV Press Cinema Radio PR Outdoor DM Door Drop

5 INTEGRATED MARKETING Informed Decision Making – what should we track? RESPONSE AND TRACKING Media Channel Footfall, Leads, Appointments, Sales Position Time of day Day of Week Time of YearMessage Media Cost Media Format Media Eyeballs Impressions, Impacts, Visits, Likes, Entries Lead timing Conversion timeline Lifetime value Environmental factors

6 INTEGRATED MARKETING What Should be Tracked? THE RESPONSE FUNNEL Broadcast Impacts Readership Print Runs Site Views Search Results Display Impressions Leads PPC Clicks Web Visits Appointment Brochure D’load Social Follow Order / Sale AwarenessConsiderationPurchaseAction

7 INTEGRATED MARKETING Informed Decision Making – How do we track it? RESPONSE AND TRACKING 0800 11 11 11 Text “win” to 88810 QUOTE: 1234

8 INTEGRATED MARKETING Informed Decision Making – Environmental RESPONSE AND TRACKING

9 INTEGRATED MARKETING External Factors Timing Informed Decision Making – what we do with the information RESPONSE AND TRACKING Did it Work? Why did it not? Why did it? Creative Media Channel Cost Offering Are there better options? Could it work better? Retest or new

10 INTEGRATED MARKETING Broadcast and On-line tracking One solution to understanding the on-line effect of off- line advertising is via software tools. Ten Alps have invested in a bespoke piece of software which looks to overlay the visits to a website against a TV or Radio schedule and look for statistical correlations between spots and web visits. ADALYSER


12 INTEGRATED MARKETING What Works The world of TV is changing, time lapse viewing, hundreds of different channels and PVR’s to name a few, but there are methods to maximise your return from a DR strategy:- Reduced costs – less fashionable day-parts Targeted channels Smaller rating spots Web link - special relationship between TV and online – up to 64% surf while watching TV A clear call to action and easy return path Consider call handling capabilities and plan accordingly TELEVISION

13 INTEGRATED MARKETING Rules for DRTV Thinkbox have released a number of “new” rules for DRTV that should be considered:- 1.Weekends can be just as responsive as weekdays – particularly via the web 2.DR campaigns can run into later day-parts particularly for high interest categories 3.CB and EB can both be effective 4.1 st, 2 nd and last in break are most responsive 5.Longer time lengths can work well for DR campaigns 6.Creative copy with compelling call to action Full report can be viewed at TELEVISION

14 INTEGRATED MARKETING Creative Solutions for 2012 TAKING TV FURTHER Introducing Nik Wheatley From ITV

15 INTEGRATED MARKETING Response through awareness Nearly 75% of all Radio ads contain some form of response mechanism, but how do you improve response? Memorable numbers Tell caller the call is free Strong offer – call to action Establish with at least 4 OTH Spread campaign to include evenings and weekends Use of different second lengths RADIO

16 INTEGRATED MARKETING Creative Solutions for 2012 TAKING RADIO FURTHER Introducing Janet Jones from Global Radio

17 INTEGRATED MARKETING Position is King Shorter lead times and comparatively low entry costs makes press an easy starting point for any DR campaign. Right context – supported by editorial if possible Frequency – be there when people are ready to respond Size vs. cost efficiency Long Copy - readers respond to more information Test copy alternatives Day of week, time of year Reactive messaging, fast results PRESS

18 INTEGRATED MARKETING Targeted and Responsive There are 2 main insert routes to market:- 1.Publication – national or regional, specialist or broad 2.3 rd Party – distributed in share schemes, catalogues, product dispatch etc There are several different types, the main ones being:- 1.Loose – look for poly bagging 2.Bound in – additional cost, specification restrictions 3.Tip-ons – appears on advertising page site, sampling. 4.Post-its – quick and easy reminder execution INSERTS

19 INTEGRATED MARKETING Direct to the Door There are 3 main routes direct into the home via door drops 1.Newshare Distribution 2.Team Distribution 3.Royal Mail Distribution All 3 distribution methods can be use various different postcode targeting, for example Acorn DOOR DROPS

20 INTEGRATED MARKETING Direct to the Door Introducing Mr Stu Pickup from The Insert Company DOOR DROPS – THE TARGETING

21 INTEGRATED MARKETING Direct and Personal The ultimate targeting tool, identifying individuals via profiling or previous purchase, building your brand data base is a powerful tool. 1.Internal lists, purchasers or enquirers – 90% of consumers are more likely to open mail if they are already a customer of the company 2.Profiled cold lists 3.3 rd Party share programmes 4.Survey results DIRECT MAIL

22 INTEGRATED MARKETING The Paper Search Engine From a regional listings point of view, whether online or via the traditional paper method, directories still generate thousands of searches a day 1.People don’t browse directories they have a need, leads here are generally very high quality 2.Older age groups are still big users of the print version, but this is bound to change DIRECTORIES

23 INTEGRATED MARKETING Mass Media with a Response? Not traditionally seen as a direct response medium, research proving the DR case for outdoor is very thin on the ground, although some of the more modern techniques may well change this. QR Codes Text short codes Proximity Marketing Wireless Bluetooth NFC – Near Field Communications OUTDOOR

24 INTEGRATED MARKETING By Media Television Lots of opportunities for targeting Difficult to track directly Longer lead times Radio Drives efficient response via awareness A secondary medium can be difficult to track Press Fits in with DR planning, generally trackable Consider positioning, DoW, Messaging Tactical media short lead times SUMMARY Inserts and Door Drops Targeted & trackable, easy tests National and Regional Direct Mail Very targeted, high response rates Postage costs can make expensive Directories Good quality responses Usage eroded by web searches Outdoor Not recognised as DR Route New technology might change this

25 INTEGRATED MARKETING Direct Response is Alive and Kicking – but changing At any level of direct response the key is to understand your objectives and how you are going to measure and track against these:- 1.Consider objectives and make measurable and realistic 2.Understand tracking process and any influences there might be on these 3.Test and re-assess SUMMARY


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