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REDCAPPI AFFILIATE PROGRAM James D. Nardell Affiliate Management Team Phone: (805)

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1 REDCAPPI AFFILIATE PROGRAM James D. Nardell Affiliate Management Team Email: Phone: (805) 624-5669 IM – JamesNardell [Skype]JamesNardell IM – [Google Talk] IM – [MSN Messenger]

2 R ED C APPI AND O UR A FFILIATE P ROGRAM About RedCappi What’s The Company About? RedCappiRedCappi is a hip and uncomplicated Los Angeles-based email marketing company offering easy and pocket-friendly do-it-yourself email marketing services, revolutionizing the way you do business. It’s email marketing stripped down to the basics… so simple, that even a baby can use it. We believe the future of email marketing and its overall growth & adoption will depend on making a platform that delivers useful simplicity right from the beginning and all the way through. Oh btw, we are passionate and love what we do… Who’s Behind RedCappi? From his dangerous crib in the Los Angeles jungle gym comes Cappi, a disillusioned diaper dealer. Of late, when spanked with the slowing of economy and decreasing sales, Cappi saw the need for his offline businesses to implement simple email marketing technology, in order to build relationships with clients that keep ‘um coming back. Cappi implemented email marketing, social media, and a website to help generate revenue. After struggling to find a company that integrated all these tools all in one place, the idea for RedCappi was born. Cappi promises his days of "monkey business" are behind him! Cappi is here to jumpstart your Email Marketing efforts and bottle-feed you along the way! Features Snapshot Network: Linkshare Return Days: 90 days Commission Rate : $2 per lead / $50 per customer or 25% recurring commission Coupons : Multiple coupons available Exclusive Coupons : Available upon request. Individual Product Linking (IPL) : Yes PPC / SEO Keyword Lists : Contact the affiliate manager Contact the affiliate manager HTML Emails For Email Marketers : Contact the affiliate managerContact the affiliate manager Video For Affiliate Marketing : Contact the affiliate managerContact the affiliate manager High Quality Content : Contact the affiliate managerContact the affiliate manager Affiliate Program Highlights Email List Nurturing Create Manage and grow your email Contact lists. Email Creation Made Easy Easily create email newsletters, campaigns, and promotions without any technical skills. Send Emails With Confidence Send your email now or schedule for later & we've got the technicals covered. Sit Back & Track the Results Measure the effectiveness of your email marketing through stats.

3 R ED C APPI F EATURES RedCappi Features Manage and Grow Your Email Lists: Create, manage and grow your email lists. Collect & import your email contacts with ease from various sources. Add customizable Signup Forms to your website. Our automated list management system takes care of unsubscribes and bouncebacks for you, so that you will always be in compliance with SPAM laws. Easily Create an Email Newsletter: Customize your email's look and function with our easy drag & drop interface and simple formatting tools. Choose a trendy RedCappi header banner or upload your own and even add a logo on top. Choose from our variety of fresh color themes or craft your own. Extend your reach by adding social media quick links in your emails. Absolutely no technical skills required. Send Email Campaigns With Confidence: Send your email and we'll take care of the rest... RedCappi is committed to optimizing deliverability by virtue of its permission-based platform, first-rate working relationships with varying ISP's, feedback loops, and attention to white list importance and reputation. You can send it now or schedule your messages to be delivered at a specific time and date. We include a single click unsubscribe button to every email campaign so that you are always in compliance with CAN - SPAM laws. With our Forward-To-A-Friend Feature, your recipients can quickly forward your email campaign to their own friends. Track Campaign Results: Our Stats allow you to see the number of opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes for any of your email campaigns. You can also see who received and opened your emails and what links they clicked on. You may use our Stats to better evaluate your previous emails in detail and to see what really works.

4 R ED C APPI P RICING RedCappi Pricing

5 W ATCH AN INTRO VIDEO TO LEARN MORE ABOUT R ED C APPI Watch an Intro Video to Learn More About RedCappi [Please make sure that you are connected to the internet in order to watch this video]

6 S AMPLE A FFILIATE C REATIVE Check Out Some of Our High Converting Affiliate Creative…

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