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Mod 373 “Governance of NTS Connection Processes”

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1 Mod 373 “Governance of NTS Connection Processes”
Review Group August 2010 WG0508: Feasibility Study Report – Contents

2 Background (1) Feasibility Studies are invariably bespoke in nature in order to fulfil the customer’s requirements - dependent on the location and type of NTS connection required Feasibility Studies may be requested by customers on an ‘optioneering’ basis; can therefore be speculative The current Feasibility Study Agreement does not confer any obligations on either party to develop or modify an NTS connection National Grid does not generally require a Feasibility Study to be undertaken where the customer requires a new NTS connection in a ‘greenfield’ site

3 Background (2) National Grid is required to adhere to statutory legislation and has legal obligations in relation to the NTS connections process: Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Pipeline Safety Regulations (PSR) 1996 Reg 5 – design of a pipeline Pressure Systems (Safety) Regulations (PSSR) 2000 Imposes a duty on designers, manufacturers etc to ensure systems are fit for purpose so as to prevent danger (Reg 4) Responsibility on National Grid to ensure Safe Operating Limits (SOL) on our customers’ and our own equipment are not exceeded

4 Feasibility Study - Contents (1)
Contents of a feasibility study report depend on the nature of the study being undertaken Example content headings for a power station ramp rate study: Introduction The Model Scenarios Modelled Conclusions

5 Feasibility Study - Contents (2)
Example content headings for increase in offtake pressure where NGG owns the metering installation: Introduction Background Filters Metering Gas Pre Heat System Fuel Gas Skid Unit Regulator Arrangement Transient Study Conclusions and Recommendations

6 Feasibility Study - Contents (3)
Example content headings for new connection at large, complex existing site: Executive Summary & Introduction Codes of Practice & Legislation National Grid Site Facilities Design Parameters New Connection Mechanical Design Gas Flow and Isolation Valves Configuration Corrosion Protection Electrical and Instrumentation Description of Equipment and Devices Crossing and Installation Techniques

7 Feasibility Study - options
Standalone – as is Combined with Conceptual Design Study (CDS) – does not include final detailed design and construction review the use and purpose of the CDS in order to achieve this Others?

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