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Information Meeting Reception Class October 2013..

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1 Information Meeting Reception Class October 2013.

2 Aims of the meeting To inform you about what your child’s school day is like To inform you about our routines and rules To give you some information so that you can continue to support your child at home

3 Keeping you informed On the school website – ‘Reception Class’ page Texts Letters Quick notices in the window Each half term we will inform you about what your child is learning – so that you can support this at home.

4 Speaking to teachers Please do! If you have a concern/query you can usually speak to a member of staff in the morning or after school. If we can’t resolve your concern there and then we will arrange a meeting at a convenient time. Please pass messages through the teacher on the door in the morning, e.g. if someone else is picking you child up.

5 If we ask to speak to you! If we have concerns during the school day, e.g. about behaviour, not eating etc… we will usually ask you to pop in at pick up time or in the morning We will tell you if your child has hurt themselves during the day

6 Sick children Please do not send a sick child into school! Vomiting and or diarrhoea – children must not be returned to school until 48 hours after the last bout! Please notify us of any infections such as chicken pox, ‘slapped cheek disease’, etc.. Also tell us if your child has ‘nits’ or ‘worms’- these can spread rapidly amongst young children. On your child’s return after illness please send a note to the school office.

7 Breakfast, snack, dinners and packed lunches! Please make sure your child has had something to eat and drink before coming to school! At snack time we offer a piece of fruit and a drink of milk or water. Water is available during the day. School meal menus are on the website. We encourage the children to choose what they would like and have bread and salad as well. A drink is provided for school dinner children. Packed lunches – we request that you send in a ‘healthy’ lunch. Don’t send in too much – there is a lot of waste! NO SWEETS AT ANY TIME!

8 Your child’s school day Morning Self registration, prayers and ‘carpet time’. ‘Self choice’ activities in our areas of continuous provision inside/outside ‘Focus group’ e.g. handwriting, craft, outdoor learning etc… Group Literacy / phonics session Snack time and play time Group maths session Story time/singing/morning review This is flexible and times/activities can change.

9 Afternoon Free choice activities Focus groups (topic work, guided writing, guided reading, art/craft, cookery, science investigation etc..) Weekly music session Weekly PE session Religion ICT Circle time Group ‘story talk’ time Once again this is flexible and as the year progresses we do more focus activities.

10 Literacy Groups RML Literacy (Read Write Inc) Children work in one of four levelled groups Phonic progression is assessed each half term (more frequently if necessary) Children may move between groups (we will let you know)

11 Maths Groups Children work in one of four levelled groups Progression will be assessed half termly Children may move between groups (we will let you know)

12 Class rules. Child ‘friendly’ and ‘can do’. We are kind and helpful to everyone We listen carefully We always walk in the classroom We sit sensibly We look after our equipment We always do what an adult asks us to

13 If the rules are not followed Lots of reminders are given! Children are given the opportunity to try again (and again). If the behaviour continues a ‘sanction’ is given e.g. sit on the carpet for 5 minutes, don’t get to do what they want at ‘choosing time’, (the sanction is always appropriate). If the behaviour continues we will speak to you and seek your support. If all else fails a letter will be sent and you may be asked to meet more formally with the Foundation Stage Manager or a member of the Senior Management.

14 Rewards Stickers! Verbal praise Peer praise Praise Pad notes to you ‘Star Of The Week’ Half termly ‘Head Teacher’s Certificates’ Termly ‘Mary Livesey Friendship Award’ Kindness Book.

15 Please send in (to stay in school) – A pair of plain black school pumps (clearly labelled with name!!!!) and a bag to keep them in Wellington Boots (again labelled) A warm hat and gloves (for our outdoor sessions) Please make sure your child’s coat is warm and appropriate for the coming winter and outdoor activities!

16 Helping at home Reading with and to your child. Library books and journals on Monday please. Practise RML Set 1 sounds (every body should have a set!!) It is very obvious who is practising at home! Ask if you are unsure about the correct sound pronunciation. Please do the phonic practice sheets we send home (keep them) Set 2 and 3 sound cards will be sent out as appropriate when your child is ready for them. Handwriting practise (encourage your child’s correct letter formation). Handwriting rhymes are on the Set 1 sound cards. Maths – lots of practical counting activities (not just by rote), look out for numbers in the environment, identify shapes, say the days of the week, look at a calendar, talk about the passing of time, weigh and measure things etc…

17 Learning Journeys Each child has their own ‘Learning Journey’ file (working document). Includes; Observations Photographic evidence Pieces of work Anecdotal information, etc…

18 Learning Journey To create a fully rounded picture of your child’s development we ask you to contribute to this document. Please let us know via a ‘Wow’ slip any significant developments your child makes at home e.g. swimming award, writing name independently, commenting on significant experiences. Please date these for us. You don’t have to fill in loads! One or two each term will be great!

19 What’s next… After the half term break we will be sending home ‘high frequency’ words for you to practice with your child (just a few at a time). We will check these weekly. These are really important in your child’s reading progression.

20 Please remember… If you have any concerns, questions etc… please come and speak to us sooner rather than later. We are here to help you!

21 Special request Please register your views of the school on the Ofsted website through the link on the school website. It is a quick survey and should only take a few minutes once you have registered. Thank you.

22 Thank you very much for you time and attendance this evening. We hope the information is useful to you. Please ask if there is anything else! Please fill in the short evaluation form for us before you leave.

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