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 Right or Wrong?  To consider what course of action is right and why.

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2  Right or Wrong?

3  To consider what course of action is right and why

4  To be able to explain why you think a certain action is right  To consider whether a religious person would agree

5  For each of these scenarios consider what you think the right action would be, why?  Write whether you think a religious person would agree with you and why

6  You turn on your television one night to find that you have started getting the premium sky package (including sky sports) instead of basic channels.  Do you call the company and ask them to take it off or do start popping popcorn and watch the Manchester derby?

7  Our opinion  Religious Person

8  You and a friend are planning to go out and see a movie on a Friday night. As you’re getting ready to leave, another friend calls and asks what you’re doing that night. You know that the friend you’re talking to on the phone sometimes can be jealous when you go out with other people and they are not friends at all! Do you tell them the truth or make something up?

9  Our opinion  Religious Person

10  You are the front passenger in a car that has blown a wheel and gone out of control. The driver is screaming and unable to respond. The car is heading for a family with children. If you swing the wheel you will miss them but you will kill an elderly man instead  Should you?

11  Our opinion  Religious Person

12  You are on holiday when an earthquake strikes. Buildings collapse and people are dying After several days you have run out of food and water. In order to survive you will have to fight and possibly even kill someone else for their supplies

13  Our opinion  Religious Person

14  Your friend is suffering from a horrible disease that has put her in constant and permanent pain and agony. Finally, one day, she decides that she really wants to die. However, her condition is such that she cannot die on her own. She is begging and pleading with you to help her commit suicide. This would, of course, be illegal. What would you do?

15  Our opinion  Religious Person

16  You are 16, you have a boyfriend and have recently started having sex. Despite using protection you have found yourself pregnant. Do you think you should keep the baby or have an abortion?

17  Our opinion  Religious Person

18  Our opinion  Religious Person

19  Try to think of your own Moral Scenario that people may have to face today

20  Explain whether you think having a religion helps people decide what the right thing to do is

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