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Mathematics Subject Leader Network Meeting November 2012.

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1 Mathematics Subject Leader Network Meeting November 2012

2 Session 1 - Local and national updates »Headline data KS2, GCSE »Review of GCSE linear papers »Qualifications update »Further Maths Update Session 2 – Teaching & Learning mathematics »With a focus on able mathematicians, developing strategies to teach A/A* topics Programme

3 Objectives To be updated as to developments at a local and national level in Mathematics To become familiar with materials to promote engaging teaching and learning in the mathematics classroom

4 Starter

5 Level 6 Paper 1 Calculator not allowed

6 Level 6 Paper 2 Calculator allowed

7 3 Levels Progress KS2 - 4 National English68% 71% Mathematics69% 64% KS2 – 4 Progress 2012 Data (2011 in red)

8 KS2 – 4 Progression

9 School Number of pupils LA Percentage of pupils School Percentage of pupils National Percentage of pupils

10 Additional Qualifications AQA L2 Further Maths 6 schools (91 pupils) 4.4% A* distinct 13.2% A* 35.2% A 28.6% B 15.4% C Linked Pair Pilot3 schools (138 pupils) A* - C = 84.1% Edexcel Certificate 3 schools (51 pupils) A* - C = 31.4%

11 Exam Boards Exam BoardNumber of schools Edexcel26 AQA6 OCR4 Ed/AQA8 AQA/OCR2 Ed/OCR4 Ed/AQA/OCR5


13 English Baccalaureate Certificate E-bacc certificate will be English, mathematics, science with first teaching September 2015 There will only be one exam board per subject offering a linear examination No coursework in English and mathematics (some in science)

14 Catch up Premium Additional funding (£500 per pupil) for those pupils who left primary school not attaining L4 or above in English and/or mathematics Can be used for 1 to 1 tuition, summer school, catch up classes First payment will be January 2013 for current Y7 cohort

15 New Qualifications Edexcel Awards in Algebra –Available at Level 2 and Level 3 –Available for first examination and award in May 2013 –L2 and 3 non calculator papers of 1½ and 2 hours These qualifications are aimed at students who: »need to develop their mathematical skills in a particular area (e.g. algebra) and build confidence in the subject before progressing to GCSE or GCE mathematics »want to gain a qualification which demonstrates their mathematical ability. awards/maths/algebra/Pages/default.aspx

16 Edexcel Award in Algebra L2

17 Edexcel Award in Algebra L3

18 A level Changes Ofqual also announced that, from September 2013, students in England will no longer be able to sit A level examinations in January. For students who started a two- year A level course in Sept 2012: For students who start a two-year A level course from September 2013: AS examinations will be available in January 2013 and June 2013 and June 2014. There will be no AS examinations available in January 2014. A2 examinations will be available in January 2013, June 2013 and June 2014. There will be no A2 examinations available January 2014. AS examinations will be available in June 2014 and June 2015. There will be no AS examinations available in January 2014. A2 examinations will be available in June 2014 and June 2015. There will be no A2 examinations available January 2014.

19 Ofsted Update Schools not showing the expected improvement, or good schools where the quality of education has declined, will follow the pattern set out in the table below: Inspected before Aug 2012 Inspected after 1 Sept 2012 Next inspection within 12–18 months Next Inspection within 12–18 months SatisfactoryRequires improvement Special measures GoodRequires improvement Special measures

20 Y8 Masterclasses Curriculum/Subjectareas/Mathematic s/SubjectLeaders/Subject+Leaders Deadline: 5 December 2012

21 Customer Negotiated Support Half Day (up to 3 hrs) Whole Day (up to 6 hrs) £195 *£395 * Based on 1 tutor to 30 delegates (dependant on the audience) Prices applicable until 31 March 2013

22 Spring Term SLDM MATB12011001 19 March 2013 Highs Only MATB12003001 12 March 2013 Middles only

23 Session 2: Developing strategies to teach A*/A topics

24 Objectives To consider the topics that potentially limit the attainment of gifted and talented students To develop a bank of resources to engage and challenge the most able students in these identified topics

25 Starter

26 Level 5 to A*/A Conversion Your schoolNational ??51%

27 Task Generate a list of A/A* topics that students find difficult in their examinations

28 Topics – some suggestions Application of algebra in geometry questions (e.g. volumes of cones and spheres using algebra) Applying surds in unfamiliar situations (e.g. Pythagoras’ Theorem) Proof, including algebra, vectors and circle theorems Manipulation of algebra, including algebraic fractions Histograms Transformation of graphs

29 Making links Sort the cards into groups Extension: You have 4 sets and 4 extra cards Write more cards for the extra ones so that there are 8 sets altogether Sketch the 8 graphs, marking on the key points of interception

30 Types of Activity During previous subject leader network meetings we have considered the following strategies: Card sorts (including Tarsia activities) Mystery tasks Developing exam questions Exploring misconceptions Functional mathematics problems Probing questions Ordering student responses Investigations – open ended tasks

31 Task In pairs or threes … … choose at least one of the identified topics and create a resource that will assist the teaching and learning of this area. (it could be something that you already do!!)

32 Next Steps In your school: Consider whether the list of difficult topics would be the same for your school Repeat this process back in school to generate a bank of resources for targeted groups (e.g. C/D borderline) Integrate the resources into your scheme of work once you receive them

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