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School Census Spring 2011 Preparation Version 1.0 1.

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1 School Census Spring 2011 Preparation Version 1.0 1

2 School Census Spring 2011 Disability 2

3 Disability will be collected where it has been entered by the school. Where it has not been entered we will automatically add “Not Collected” into School Census, which means that there is no need for bulk update facilities. If schools don’t want to enter disability information they can simply ignore the new disability functionality. Our Spring Release will provide reporting facilities, but at this point the best way to list disability information is to run the Detail Report in School Census Spring 2011.







10 Our Disability functionality works in the same was as the functionality provided for In Care Details and Child Protection Register, which means that you can enter as many disabilities as apply and these disabilities can start and end as required. School Census will include all disabilities that are current on Census Day.



13 This slide shows the full set of Disability Lookups specified by the DfE










23 The Disability information we have entered for Hannah Abbott is listed in the School Census Spring 2011 On Roll Basic Data report

24 School Census Spring 2011 Update Class Type 24

25 The Update Class Type functionality is only relevant for Primary Schools




29 Ticks entered for the Autumn Census will be copied across for the Spring Census, but Jane Abraham is an example of a pupil where this information has not been found from Autumn

30 Spring is the only choice as this is the first Return of the 2011 cycle.

31 We can filter by Year Group 2.31

32 By Class 2.32

33 Status can be particularly helpful as it provides a way to identify pupils with no class type entered 2.33



36 In this case only two pupils didn’t have information for the Autumn Census copied over

37 2.37 You can make choices on an individual pupil bases by clicking the cell in the appropriate column for that pupil

38 If you then click the cell in the other column the first tick is removed and this new tick added

39 If you click a cell that is already ticked the tick is removed

40 Bulk entry is not necessary in this case but is provided via Right Click in column title


42 In this case an empty table is a good thing as it indicates that there are no pupil without a Class Type

43 Don’t forget to save

44 .. and Close

45 School Census Spring 2011 Hours at Setting 45

46 2.46

47 2.47

48 2.48 Click to Update Hours at Setting for 2 year olds

49 Hours set for Autumn will be brought forward

50 Three sets of filters are available. These can be set individually or in combinations

51 We can filter by Year Group 2.51


53 By Reg/Class 2.53


55 Status can be particularly helpful as it provides a way to identify pupils with no hours entered 2.55

56 Click to enter the hours for an individual pupil 2.56


58 Type the number of hours as a decimal 2.58

59 Entering 12.6 is not allowed as only increments of 0.5 are allowed 2.59

60 This entry screen will allow totals up to 99.5 hours to be entered, but current DfE validation is set at 25 hours. 2.60

61 Right Click for options 2.61

62 2.62 Select All will select all pupils displayed

63 Click to enter the same number of hours for all highlighted pupils 2.63

64 Enter the number in the same way as for an individual entry 2.64

65 The number is automatically entered for all the highlighted pupils 2.65 Click and then Shift Click can be used to highlight a group of consecutive pupils Click and then Control Click can be used to highlight a group of non-consecutive pupils

66 Click to save the changes 2.66

67 Click to close

68 Hours at setting for 3 year olds and 4 year olds work in the same way as for 2 year olds

69 School Census Spring 2011 Early Years Attendance Patterns 69

70 Find the pupil’s provision types for each day of the week









79 So Chris has various types of provision types for each day except Thursday when he does not attend

80 We can look up the number of hours for each of these provision types






86 So all day is 7 hours, AM is 3 hours and PM is 3 hours.


88 3 + 3 + 7 + 0 +3 = 16


90 Currently hours at setting is shown as 12 hours,

91 .., but after clicking Update Hours at Setting this is calculated as 16 hours as expected

92 Thank you for your time 92

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