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Education Budget Decisions February 2014. Council budget by department 2013/14.

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1 Education Budget Decisions February 2014

2 Council budget by department 2013/14

3 ServiceBudget Education£141.4m Social Work£111.4m Development and Housing£66.3m Community Resources£53.8m Finance and Corporate£34.1m Leisure£14.3m Chief Executive’s£2.7m Total£424.0m

4 Education Budget 2013/14 Gross expenditure budget£174m Deduct: Central budgets(£21m) Capital charges(£11m) Available budget£142m

5 Breakdown of budget by division

6 Another way of looking at it

7 Staffing Costs - teachers Staff groupCosts Secondary Teachers£37.3m Primary Teachers£33.7m ASN School Teachers£4.0m ASL Teachers£1.2m Pre-5 Teachers£1.0m Other£0.6m Total£77.8m

8 Staffing Costs – non-teachers Staff GroupCosts Pre-5£7.7m Primary£1.8m Secondary£2.2m ASL£3.6m HQ Administration£1.2m Community Learning and Development£1.4m Additional Support Needs (School)£1.4m Healthy Lifestyles and Psychological£1.3m Total£20.6m

9 Teachers – Key facts ElementCosts Average Salary£40,713 Supply teacher£116 per day Teachers’ working days - annual195 days Class contact time – weekly22.5 hours

10 Devolved Management of Resources The main areas devolved to schools are: Staffing budgets Supply cover Travel costs Staff development Utilities Equipment and materials Consortium transport Printing, stationery, postage, telephone

11 DMR – Example 1 Summary of a secondary school budget ElementBudget Staffing£2.992m Property (excluding repairs)£0.320m Payments To Suppliers£0.057m Payments To Other Bodies£0.081m Admin£0.007m Transport£0.007m Total£3.464m

12 Breakdown of secondary school budget

13 DMR – Example 2 Summary of a primary school budget ElementBudget Staffing£0.654m Property (excluding repairs)£0.066m Payments To Suppliers£0.015m Admin£0.003m Payments To Other Bodies£0.001m Total£0.739m

14 Breakdown of primary school budget

15 Council decisions... £10 credit union account for every S1 pupil from August 2014 Additional £2.5m to school estate (total of £53m) Freeze on charges

16 Education Budget... ItemValue Reduce devolved CPD budget to schools £100,000 Reduce current fruit for schools provision £90,000 Reduce devolved absence cover budget by 10% £74,000 Reduce scope of P6 swimming programme from 8 to 4 sessions £30,000

17 Questions …

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