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11 THINK RUSSIA! opportunities and how we can help.

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1 11 THINK RUSSIA! opportunities and how we can help

2 2 Background - The Country RussiaUK Area: 17,057,000 km²Area: 219,331 km² Population: 141mPopulation: 60.2m Inhabitants/km²: 8.3Inhabitants/km²: 275 MoscowLondon Area: 1,000 km²Area: 1,579 km² Population: 10.4mPopulation: 7.5m Inhabitants/km²: 10,400 Inhabitants/km²: 4,750 Huge Country – Big Cities

3 3 Russia – surprising changes

4 4 GDP – Composition by sector Economy – Key Sectors GDP – Composition by sector Coal, oil, gas, chemicals, metals, aircraft, space vehicles, radar, missile, electronic components, shipbuilding, road and rail transport equipment, communications equipment, agricultural machinery, tractors, construction equipment, electric power generating and transmitting equipment, medical and scientific instruments, consumer durables, textiles, foodstuffs, handicrafts…

5 Our engagement with Russia Foreign Secretary Business Secretary Lord MayorDuke of York UKTI Russia Events: London Region Mission, 21-23 Sept Inward Mission of Sheremetievo, Domodedovo, Basic Element Airports to the UK, Sept 2011 R&D, Healthcare and energy visit to Tomsk and Novosibirsk, Sept 2011 Inward mission by the Olympic Games Transport Directorate on Olympic logistics, Oct 2011 Inward Mission to EIConnect Power, Nov 2011 Intergovernmental Steering Committee, Nov 2011

6 6 UK Trade with Russia


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