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Train Presentation Update Aug 2011 Simon Crabtree & Marc Silverwood.

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1 Train Presentation Update Aug 2011 Simon Crabtree & Marc Silverwood

2 Train Presentation Background Train Presentation covers all aspects of Cleaning and Maintenance within Northern’s Engineering department, with 290 trains (644 Vehicles) covered by our three main depots Neville Hill (East) Heaton (North) Newton Heath (West) 320 Train Presentation staff carry out cleaning duties 7 days a week Methods C6 Works B Exam Work Periodic Heavy Cleaning Night Cleaning Turnaround Cleaning Onboard Cleaning

3 Monitoring Standards Cleaning Standards Manual Train Presentation Auditor NPS (National Passenger Survey) results Customer Surveys are conducted in the Spring and Autumn every year Service Quality Regime Audits are carried out by Lloyds Register Rail and the local PTEs for each PMU Train Crew Litter picks and reporting defects

4 Project Updates Toilet Project Tanking facilities throughout Northern to be reviewed New chemicals/Products (Odour Master, Toilet Duck & Sanitising Wipes) Reduction of track contamination (CET, Low speed flush system) NPS Project Poster campaigns will be launched this year to promote upgrades Heavy Cleaning Focus VMI changes for increased interior maintenance on all fleets

5 District West Operations Cleaning Locations Onboard Team (Piccadilly Based) Blackpool Station Blackpool Depot Barrow Depot Wigan Sidings Liverpool Lime Street Edge HillManchester Piccadilly Manchester Victoria StockportBuxton ChesterBoltonLongsight Manchester Piccadilly Manchester Airport SouthportWiganLiverpool

6 Improving the Future Environmental Impact Chemical Usage & Low Hazard, Water Management, Equipment lifespan New Intranet Page A source for all train presentation reports and information SQ Database (Fleet Database) Monitor all vehicle condition defects for B exams (Live) SQ Reports A suite of reports has been developed to highlight issues Cleaning & Maintenance KPI Enhance ownership within Engineering teams High Profile Uniform All front line staff have been issued with new branded uniform

7 Service Quality PMUKPIAudits SEY86.06%14 WNY85.29%36 ML83.22%48 LC82.39%9 TTW76.90%5

8 National Passenger Survey Staff briefs VMI changes Vehicle refresh work Staff briefs Cleaning processes Facility improvements Chemical improvements

9 No of Staff Background into re org working 1 over establishment due to relocation of conductor Issues affecting i.e. tanking at Lpool and TPL starting trains, benefits of this Thanks for Audits from Edge Hill Relationships with Alstom, i.e. Longsight improvements Current SQ Position 158 CET installation

10 Any Questions??

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