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THE COMPLETE ACHIEVEMENTS OF TiMS (in less than 5 minutes…)

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1 THE COMPLETE ACHIEVEMENTS OF TiMS (in less than 5 minutes…)

2 TiMS is 8 years old 2003 – initiated at MS Trust Conference, Harrogate, by Jenny Thain & Michelle Ennis To put Specialist Therapy Services for People with MS “on the map” “Core group” to undertake projects

3 2005, 4 Project groups to specifically address the aims of TiMS, namely Communication Publication (completed 2006) Education Research Audit (commenced 2007) Meet 3 times per year

4 l Communication 1.Core Group (max 30 people) 2.Contact Directory (now 180 strong) 3.Website 4.Members Forum 5.Links nationally with UKMSSNA 6.Links internationally via RIMS

5 Publication Document: “Therapists in MS – delivering the Long-Term Solutions”, launched March 2006 Articles in professional publications New publications – Commissioners of Services; Therapists to influence commissioners (in progress 2012).

6 Education Study Days: 2005 – Ataxia (& conference) 2006 – “To Boldly Go: MS Therapy Services for the 21 st Century 2007 – Mind Matters in MS 2008 – Mind Matters (repeat) 2010 – Management of Spasticity in MS (Glasgow and London) 2012 – Pain and MS

7 Education (2) Development of resources (e.g. booklets on Fatigue and Seating posture) as “spin offs” by TiMS members Conference platform presentations and poster presentations Therapists Education Fund (joint venture) Accreditation of M Level module

8 Research 1 st research project completed and published in 2010 – “Core Stability” (multi- centre project). This has led to further research being commissioned. 2 nd research project regarding “Sleep and MS”

9 Audit MS Therapy Services Audit Tool -Developed 2007/8 -Based on NSF for Long-Term Conditions - Online, web-based tool

10 …and finally Despite government changes, increasing restrictions on budgets, study leave and time away from work, the TiMS group remains an enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate group. We have more work to do! We highly value the support and encouragement of the MS Trust

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