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‘Effective media communications’ – PPC Media & PR Needs.

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1 ‘Effective media communications’ – PPC Media & PR Needs

2 Effective media communications - agenda 1.Introduction 2.Communications challenge 3.Understanding the media

3 An introduction Peter Davenport – Managing Director Acceleris Marketing Communications 25 years as a senior journalist – Daily Mail & The Times including as Defence Correspondent Reported worldwide from USA, India, Middle East and the Falklands. Covered terrorist campaigns in Ireland Covered major domestic stories including the Miner’s Strike, Hillsborough, Lockerbie, Toxteth and Moss Side riots.

4 An introduction MD of PR and Communications agencies for 15 years Advised major public and private sector clients including:  The Police Federation on the Soham Murders  Combating Government spending decisions in housing  Service shake-ups in the NHS Currently Managing Director of award-winning agency Acceleris Marketing Communications

5 There’s no such thing as bad publicity...?!

6 The communication challenge Four key communications priorities:  To enhance the profile of the newly elected Police Commissioners  To create awareness of the new post and the role of Commissioners  Provide public accountability  Deal with the 24-7 media

7 The communication challenge Relationship with Police forces  Who says what and when?  Chief Constable or Commissioner? Oversight -vs.- operational Political ambitions -vs.- police procedure Relationship with the Media Possible confusion over role and responsibilities of Commissioners and Chief Constables Expectations of media access Public accountability

8 The communication challenge Communications strategy should include:  Analysis of key audiences  Creation of core values and messages for the public and media  Establish communication objectives with targets  Challenges of operating in a political environment  A SWOT analysis of situation (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats)  Establish chain of command and procedure for dealing with the media  Investigate and appraise suitable means of communication  Create framework for evaluation to track effectiveness of campaign.

9 Resourcing Communications There are three possible solutions to resourcing the communications function: 1.Comms handled by existing police press office 2.Employing in-house communications staff 3.Employing external communications consultancy

10 Police Press Office Pros Most cost effective solution Existing Police knowledge, organisational structure and media contacts already in place Cons Potential conflict with Chief Constables Need to share resources Additional burden on comms team Potential for confusion between Commissioners and Chief Constables

11 In-house resource Pros Complete control of activity and messages Specialist knowledge and full time, dedicated resource available Cons High cost - full time staff needed with associated costs e.g. pensions, administrative costs etc Potential for accusation of political bias Will there be a need for a full time resource?

12 External consultants Pros Flexible approach to working – can be employed as and when Access to senior, experienced advisors Benefit from national focus and experience Cons Potentially high cost especially if out of hours service required Less specialist knowledge and one client amongst many Potential negative reaction to use of consultants

13 Recommended Option Employ an in-house communications manager with authority to engager additional external resource if required It is anticipated that the media will have a strong interest and commissioners must be able to hit the ground running once in post – effective comms will help this process It is important to foster a good working relationship and understanding with the media at an early stage.

14 How would you handle similar issues?

15 Understanding the media

16 The role of the media To inform To entertain To educate To expose To hold to account

17 UK Media – Facts & Figures There are 1,200 regional and local newspapers and 1,600 associated websites in the UK read by 33 million people a week. The National press sell 10m papers a day 47.6m adults, or 92% of the population, tune in to their favourite radio station each week BBC news website had 11.14m online readers/viewers 45 million people watch TV news in the UK

18 The impact of the media explosion Information overload Instant reporting – 24/7 deadlines Rumour becomes fact Increased media requirements Raised public expectations No secrets Increased opportunities for comment

19 A new landscape Increased media demands but also opportunities Instant comment to unfolding situations Media may try to create divisions between Chief Constable and Commissioner Social Media – Facebook, Twitter Greater public expectations but increased cynicism

20 An information tsunami 125 million press releases issued every year. London Evening Standard receives 2,000 every day. The Government has 1,500 press officers and issues 20,000 press releases a year.

21 The communications challenge

22 Media opportunities A recent paper by Cardiff University studied the content of four quality papers It found that 60% of their home news stories were wholly or partially from wire agencies, (mainly the Press Association), or PR material. There are now more PR practitioners 47,800, than journalists, 45,000.

23 The Communications Revolution Media relations StuntsAdvertorials Internal communications Brand ambassador activity Conferences Newsletters Press briefings Crisis management Guerrilla activity Press releases Reputation management Brand publications Events Audio features Interviews VNR White papers Radio interviews TV interviews Competitions Photography Surveys Stakeholder relations Press trips Investor relations The PR Toolbox…

24 Just got even bigger! Press releases Competitions Media relations Stunts Advertorials Investor relations Guerrilla activity Photography Press trips Internal communications Interviews Brand ambassador activity Reputation management Press briefings Surveys TV interviews VNR Radio interviews Audio features White papers Newsletters Brand publications Events Conferences Crisis management Stakeholder relations Search engine optimised releases Press release distribution Online monitoring Social media releases Online media relations Blogger relations Viral WOM Podcasts/Vodcasts Online Reputation management Internal blogs Forums/Boards/Comments Social Networking Social Networking events Stakeholder mapping Corporate/Brand blogs Search Engine Optimised Brand publications RSS feeds Internet Radio Webchats Skypecasts Webcasts Online surveys Social network APIs Search Engine Optimised Releases Press releases distribution WIKI’s Online media centres

25 An Age of 24-Hour News

26 London Riots 2011

27 Greater Manchester Police 24hr Twitter In 2009 Greater Manchester police "tweeted" every incident it dealt with over a 24-hour period – 3,205 tweets sent Designed to give the public an idea of the workload officers face and the types of activity handled by the Police Novel idea using new technology to connect with people The GMP Twitter profile went from having 3,000 followers to more than 14,000 Received a generally positive reaction with widespread media coverage and greater understanding of the Police force’s work

28 Soc media stats 500 million active users in World UK – Facebook has 24 million active users Facebook accounts for 50% of all visits to social network sites Over 3 million UK Twitter users 80% of twitter usage is on mobile phones Flickr hosts more than 4 billion images YouTube has 2 million views every day with 24 hours of video uploaded every minute.

29 United Airlines – ‘The Guitar Song’ United Airlines became the victim of the rise in citizen journalism and social media when a passenger criticised the company in a song posted on the internet The airline failed to respond to the criticism in a timely or effective manner causing a small incident to mushroom into a major incident y The song became an international phenomenon with more than 5.5 million views on YouTube The resulting bad publicity caused the company’s share price to temporarily plunge by 10 per cent, costing shareholders $180 million

30 United Airlines – ‘The Guitar Song’

31 How you could use social media Twitter – Create a dedicated twitter feed to encourage real-time discussions and conversations Facebook – Create a page to provide information and easy access to the commissioner. Opportunities for live Q+A with Commissioners LinkedIn – valuable resource to communicate with police and media professionals YouTube/video – upload video news releases and interviews for media and public consumption.

32 NO! Never tell a journalist anything you would not wish to be known or would be embarrassed by its publication. It’s not their job to keep your secrets! Can You Ever Trust a Journalist “off the record?”

33 Q&A

34 Effective media communications Presentation © Acceleris Marketing Communications September 2011

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