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Q Hotel Midland Manchester 20 th and 21 st May 2013.

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1 Q Hotel Midland Manchester 20 th and 21 st May 2013

2 “Working with social landlords” Steve Wilcox Sheffield CAB Debt Support Unit

3 Drivers for action:  High cost of evictions and arrears recovery action.  Increasing profile of financial inclusion agenda.  Tenants not being able to access debt and benefits advice. And now......welfare reform.

4  Social landlords decide what number of referrals they wish to sign up for @ £267 per referral (increasing to £320pr).  Project monitoring meetings held quarterly – receive data reports and discuss issues of common concern.  Non-participating social landlords kept updated via Social Landlord Financial Inclusion Forum.

5  Tenant signs referral form which is faxed or emailed.  Initial adviser contact within three working days – full appt within three weeks.  Appts at home visit, outreach or DSU.  Debt and benefits advice and casework support provided.

6  Models of funding and delivery.  Confidentiality and reporting.  Tensions between housing officers and advisers.  Debt Relief Orders.

7 Telephone Telephone vface-to-face Debt and/or benefits advice Referral fee Tiered referral fees Financial Capability

8 What types of data can be reported? Individual v grouped data Case studies

9 Who’s doing the DHP application? Welfare reform and impossible budgets

10 Reluctance to refer/or fund the service? Finding the fee Business case damaged?

11 Are there any other areas that it might be helpful to discuss?

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