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Why Information For Health and ICRS?. New Landscape in England LSP NISP N3 NASP EBS NASP NCRS.

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1 Why Information For Health and ICRS?

2 New Landscape in England LSP NISP N3 NASP EBS NASP NCRS

3 Networks are changing

4 Applications Environment Flipped National(1) Local(350+) Departmental (2000+) Primary Care Document Management Booking GPSS HR Payroll Theatre ICU PACS Maternity Pathology Pharmacy RIS Renal PAS Casemix Child Health NSTS Central Register E-Mail Population Register Primary Care EBS HR/Payroll MyHealthspace e-Mail ETPSPINE NHSU NICE Pharmacy CRS PACS RIS Document Management Booking Pathology Theatres Maternity Primary Care GPSS ICU Renal Cluster(5)

5 Clinical applications need to be reliably available at the point of care or

6 Organisation / People Technology / Systems Operating Model / Processes Leadership The Transformation Triangle


8 PSTN BT Healthflow Spine Acute Hospital Local Surgery N3 Social worker PACS EPR EPS Hosting & Storage CDM Internet VoIP Mobile Applications Assured Infrastructure/AOS Presence SIP Federation SecureDatazone Fixed to Mobile NHS Fusion Kit pictures remain – pictures of the various settings. So far all the story has been about VOIP But SIP federation is the key message. Federation of IP presences and addresses Between clusters. Needs to be secure (IT security). We are doing SIP for every Health org in the country through N3 (if they take voice) – so we can then federate this. An extra part of the story – enabling Health’s applications to run. Do we include this now?

9 Collaboration cross services If capital recovery is an option its possible to novate infrastructure to a managed services contract, recover a cash and also migrate to an IPT infrastructure immediately. Traditional PBX-migrate to Hosted Voice If infrastructure needs to remain on an existing PBX contract the point of entry may be to utilise existing equipment, migrate onto Hosted Voice traditional service to reduce PSTN costs in order to save money now I order to converge more easily later on. Mixed IPT and PBX Migrate to Hosted VoIP If a Hybrid infrastructure is in place already the approach maybe to migrate fixed to mobile calls to VoIP by the N3 and transfer bulk PSTN breakout through gateways in the N3 network to reduce costs. WIFI Deployment If an upgrade is required in the Wifi infrastructure then this can also support VoIP and allows for presence throughout the campus environment. Desktop/LAN update Updates in LAN or desktop environments may be the compelling event which allows for a more an integrated upgrade to allow overall savings in infrastructure revenue costs. On ramps …….

10 Thank you…………………. Questions please

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