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AHDC/E030709 Aiming High for Disabled Children (AHDC) Transforming Services for Disabled Children and their Families LIVERPOOL Senior Responsible Officer:

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1 AHDC/E Aiming High for Disabled Children (AHDC) Transforming Services for Disabled Children and their Families LIVERPOOL Senior Responsible Officer: Colette O’Brien Programme Manager: Anne-Marie Carney

2 National Perspective Vision For families with disabled children to have the support they need to live ordinary family lives as a matter of course. Short Breaks Vision To improve outcomes for disabled children and their families through the transformation of short breaks services – in terms of quality, quantity and range of provision. AHDC/E030709

3 How? Investment of £770 million to transform short breaks services: £340 million to Local Authorities £340 million to PCT baselines £90 million capital investment AHDC/E030709

4 Why? The evidence for short breaks is clear. Children and young people with the greatest need seem unable to access services. Investment creates a platform for step change in capacity, range and quality of short break services. Short break services will be set on statutory footing with Children and Young Person’s Bill AHDC/E030709

5 What is a short break? Can last from an hour to a few days or longer – needs led. Includes day, evening, overnight and weekend activities in the child or young person’s home, the home of an approved carer, a residential or community setting. AHDC/E030709

6 Listening to Children, Young People and Parents/Carers Children and young people tell us they want to be included in fun activities, in child/young person friendly environments where they are respected and listened to. Parents/Carers tell us they want breaks from caring where they feel that their child is able to enjoy and is safe. Families tell us they want to access short breaks together as a whole family sometimes. AHDC/E030709

7 Selection of comments from children who attended AHDC Family day Help For Mum & Dad FEEL SAFE Ask me what I want Explain What Will Happen... I want to be involved in decision making LISTEN Learn how to communicate

8 The story so far…in Liverpool Consultation process with disabled children/young people and parents/carers Creative bidding process Sitting service development Support for children with more complex needs Partner families AHDC/E030709

9 What are the top 5 favourite activities that you like to do outside the house?

10 Is there anything you like doing that you would like to do more of?

11 What do you think about the activities and clubs you go to now? Top Activities / Clubs 1 – 5 1 st.Holidays37% (say they like this best) 2 nd.Overnight Stays or Residential 28% 3 rd.PM After school 23% (e.g. extended school clubs) 4 th. What else?8% (e.g Friendship groups, Fusion, School Trips, Toy Library & Gym) 5 th.AM Before school4% (e.g. breakfast club)

12 What activities have you never done that you would like to try? Boxing Bungee Jumping Darts DJ-ing Music or Dance classes Fishing Go to Graceland Going Bowling Horse Riding Ice Skating Jumping out of a helicopter on a skateboard Jumping out of an aeroplane Learn to ride a 2 wheel bike Paint Balling Parachuting Perform on stage Roller Stake Shooting Target Gallery Ski-ing Sky Diving Swimming Theatre/Musicals Trampoline Walking Water Ski-ing Water Sports

13 Have you ever been on a residential or slept away from home? Who was it with? School / Fusion / Kids Connect / Prescot Drive / Calder Kids / Family & Friends Where did you go? Colomendy / Barnstonedale / Centre Parks / Barton Towers / Other How long was it for? Average = 2 Nights / Weekends / 5 Nights. Other = Various

14 Who would you like to do activities with? Friends23% Friends from school 21% Family18% Support worker 11% New people 13% New friends14%

15 Childcare Existing quality provision available – potential to increase demand Cost implications – charges not eligible for Childcare Tax Credits Training implications – inclusive practices need to be reviewed – not Equal Opportunities Training – outcomes not outputs Childcare support does not mean 1:1 !!

16 Childcare Cont. Voluntary Register – supporting older children, expansion of Fusion Shadowing/mentoring scheme being developed Simplifying funding arrangements for childcare costs (for non working parents) Develop Inclusive Quality Assurance Standard Fits within Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

17 Workforce Development

18 The Team Around the Child (TAC) College is a cross-agency initiative bringing together young people, parents, carers, disabled adults and service providers in a programme of shared learning. TAC College has developed over the past 3 years in the context of Liverpool Children’s and Young Persons Integrated Workforce Strategy and with reference to the Common Core Standards for the Children’s Workforce. Portfolio – Core Learning Offer

19 Contacts AHDC Programme Liverpool Programme Administrator Programme Manager AHDC/E030709

20 Any Questions? Challenges? Opportunities? AHDC/E030709

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