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National audit results Marwan Bukhari on behalf of SGAWG.

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1 National audit results Marwan Bukhari on behalf of SGAWG

2 Audit standard Patients with RA should be referred within twelve weeks of symptom onset Once referred they should be seen within six weeks DMARDS should be started without delay

3 results 1313 fully returned questionnaires were analyses in the period 890 (67%) female 1153 (89%) caucasian

4 Age at onset Age rangeNumber% % % % > %

5 Time to start % %

6 Time from disease onset to GP referral weeksNumber% >

7 Time from GP referral to hospital weeksNumber% >

8 Time from hospital to DMARD weeksNumber% >

9 Delay between hospital and DMARD % %

10 Cause of delay causeN% Diagnostic uncertainty Contra-indication285.0 Lack of follow up slots468.2 other


12 Variation in regions Gender – lowest females N west (55%) – Highest females east and west midlands (75%) Ethnicity – Most london (49% caucasian) – Least N Ireland (100% caucasian)

13 Variations in age at onset 11 % west midlands vs 6 % nationally Most others similar across regions Region with least over 70’s is N Ireland (9.7%) vs around 20% nationally

14 Variation in starting DMARD Before 12 weeks – Best east midlands 36.4%, worst Wales 12.97% From hospital to starting DMARD quickest East midlands N ireland and scotland (>70% less than 3 weeks) slowest East and Yorkshire(>20% waiting more than 12 weeks from hospital to DMARD

15 Onset to referral > 12 weeks

16 Time from referral to seen <6 weeks

17 Delay in starting DMARD

18 Conclusions Average return of data Still not achieving national targets Delays from onset to referral, from referral to being seen and on start of first DMARD

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