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2 EXCELLENCE IN THE CLASSROOM Talk with person next to you and discuss what you presently do to support the A,G&T in your classes ! How can we do It?

3 HOW CAN WE DO IT? Raising standards in this way takes time Should be viewed as a whole school target Create challenge in lessons Personalised Learning as a priority Teaching ‘from the top’ - carefully differentiated planning Use of the CQS to inform next steps for teachers and whole school improvement

4 THE TRAIN RIDE It is important to have everyone on board when you embark on this journey. This includes all stakeholders Head Teachers Pupils Parents As G&T Coordinator it is important you sell the tickets well and make sure everyone is comfortable and looking forward to the destination (Sorry enough with the train theme now!)

5 Its alright to be bright! Create a climate where success is celebrated Encourage pupils to think in terms of I can and to get to know their own strengths and weaknesses and work with them. Every Child Matters This approach meets many of the ECM criteria Personalised learning. Addressing the needs of the G&T helps with provision for all CREATING THE CLIMATE

6 STARTING OUT Step 1. Make sure the headteacher understands that by embracing this approach it will lead to raising standards across the school and the achievement for all pupils. Step 2 Hold an INSET for staff on the merits of Personalised Learning (rather than G&T provision) as this causes less friction and is often more palatable to all. Step 3 Make sure Staff realise that this is a new approach to planning and not adding something extra to their already crowded workload – get them onside! Step 4 Start small and build up when staff are comfortable and have some expertise/ begin to see results.

7 WHEN THE SCHOOL HAS DECIDED WHAT TO DO GET PARENTS INVOLVED Hold a meeting about personalised learning. They will begin to understand what is happening and realise it is not elitist but designed to raise standards for all pupils in school whilst addressing the needs of the AG&T as well. Keep them involved at all stages. Get them onside too!

8 CHALLENGE IN THE CLASSROOM Previously there has been too much emphasis on planning from the middle – with extension activities for early finishers - mistakenly called the AG&T. If planning is differentiated correctly then the time allocated for completion of work by AG&T will not require these so called extension activities. There should be sufficient challenge to occupy the time, interest and ability of all learners within any given lesson. This also leads to good Teaching and Learning taking place Give an INSET to staff on setting Challenge through use of HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) and independent learning skills,

9 TEACHING FROM THE TOP This is a philosophy that has to be taken up by the whole school to become effective and lead to raised standards. This leads to good teaching and learning in practice

10 USING THE CQS TO INFORM TEACHING & LEARNING Look at the CQS overview as a school and decide where your school is. Give each teacher a copy of Layer 1 and 2 and ask them to self assess using Layer 2 as a guide. Combine the data for each Key Stage on Layer 1 and then look at next steps to move forward teaching and learning. (avoiding individual teachers feeling threatened) Review this at regular intervals to address overall standards When happy with this get subject leaders/coordinators to look at the standards within CQS for each of specific subjects and repeat process. (this takes time) This process leads to staff being more reflective of their own practice and knowing where and how to take own practice forward. Ofsted are happy to view this as evidence of desire to be proactive in moving T&L forward and raising standards for all learners. It can feed into NACE Challenge award if your school wishes to pursue this.

11 CHALLENGE OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM There are many other approaches which support provision in the classroom which will help to build excellence and achievement. In our school we provide dedicated ‘Challenge’ sessions for our G&T in Literacy and Maths. We organise extra-curricular activities that are outside the Nat. Curriculum requirements open to all but designed to meet the interests of AG&T - visits ie to theatre, orchestral performances - visitors ie to school theatre companies, authors, Royal Academy of Art outreach We run 6 week courses once a term in University of the First Age - a chance for children to earn a degree in a subject of their choice and interest taught by tutors who are specialist in this field.



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