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Supporting Clients through Welfare Reform. Welfare Reform and mental health.

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1 Supporting Clients through Welfare Reform

2 Welfare Reform and mental health

3 Welfare Reform Bill Incapacity Benefit reassessed by April 2013 –Employment Support Allowance –Jobseekers Allowance Simplified system…Universal Credit Do it on-line Monthly payments…into bank account ‘Bedroom Tax’

4 Poverty and stress Stress influences hormone levels, such as cortisol, which influence blood pressure, cholesterol levels and inflammation causing physical problems: –Cardiovascular system –Neuro-endocrine system –Immune system –Memory loss

5 Poverty and poor mental health Higher rates of psychiatric admissions and suicides More likely to be suffering from clinical depression, anxiety and phobias

6 Poverty as a cause and consequence of mental health problems Housing Environment Education Employment Behaviours – smoking, eating, activity, substance use

7 Weich and Lewis (1998) ‘financial strain is a powerful independent predictor of both the onset and maintenance of episodes of common mental disorders, even after adjusting for more objective measures of standard of living.’

8 Inequalities ‘Inequalities in income encourage suspicion, distrust and hostility and therefore limit social integration and participation. Within western societies, income is a marker for social status.’ ‘Inequality is a pollutant because it affects everyone. People trust each other less in more unequal societies. And the prevalence of mental illness is much more acute in countries with high income inequality.’ Richard Wilkinson

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