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1 Coventry & Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership MARCH 2011.

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1 1 Coventry & Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership MARCH 2011

2 2 RDA’s are abolished – AWM will go by March 2012 Regions are dead! As Liam Byrne said ‘….there is no money’ Private sector expected to create ‘000’s of jobs to mop up public sector job losses Government wants to rebalance the economy and support the private sector by helping to create the conditions for growth and remove barriers Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP’s) Rationale behind LEP’s

3 3 Contents Board Composition Delivery Board Composition CWLEP Achievements So Far CWLEP Groups Top 5 Priorities How to contact CWLEP

4 4 Chairman Denys Shortt DCS Europe PRIVATE SECTOR Sir Peter Rigby – SCH, Patriot Aerospace, Eden Hotel Collection Martyn Hollingsworth – Director: Jaguar Land Rover Derek Parkin - Director: E.ON UK Ltd Daniel Gidney – CEO: Ricoh Arena Vikki Heywood – Executive Director: RSC Amrik Bhabra – MD: ADECS Ltd UNIVERSITIES Professor Nigel Thrift – Vice- Chancellor: University of Warwick John Latham – Deputy Vice- Chancellor: Coventry University PUBLIC SECTOR Cllr John Mutton – Vice Chair and Leader Coventry City Council Cllr Alan Farnell – Leader Warwickshire County Council Cllr Alan Cockburn - Cabinet Member Warwickshire County Council Cllr Linda Bigham - Cabinet Member Coventry City Council Cllr Craig Humphrey – Leader Rugby Borough Council Board Composition

5 5 CWLEP Board Members

6 6 CEO Martin Reeves Chief Executive Coventry City Council Delivery Board Composition COO Louise Bennett Chief Executive Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber Member Jon Baldwin Registrar University of Warwick Strategy Advisor Richard Hutchins Director Land Rover Jaguar Programmes - WMG Programme Director Louise Wall Head of Sus. Communities & Economic Development Member Bruce Undy FSB Member Nigel Berkeley Coventry University Member Chris Elliott Chief Executive Warwick District Council Roger Dowthwaite Sharon Newport CWLEP Support Team

7 7 CWLEP Achievements so far! Formed an excellent LEP Board which has met three times Created a website Written to the Top 100 businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire and asked for their Top 5 ideas or issues Published the Top 5 on CWLEP website Formed a number of Groups to address thematic and sector barriers to growth Supported Regional Growth Fund bids in CW Region 100 day strategy 5 year strategy in draft Hosted a national LEP Summit at the Ricoh on 7 March

8 8 CWLEP Groups The following groups are being established: o Business Leaders and Stakeholders Council o Access to Finance o Automotive and High-Tech Manufacturing o Built Environment & Transport o Farming & Rural Business o IT & Media o Innovation Council o Skills & Employability o Tourism o Low Carbon o Professionals Additionally, others are currently under development.

9 9 Top 5 Priorities identified by local businesses 1.Skills - concerns centred on narrowing the skills gap and improving skills levels across all NVQ levels. 2.Create New Jobs – increase the number of higher value jobs and more private sector jobs to rebalance the economy. 3.Enterprise / Entrepreneurship and Start Ups – viewed as essentially important to increasing the number of high value added businesses of the future. Business Support should be focussed on supporting entrepreneurialism as well as supporting current businesses to thrive and glow. 4.= Access to Finance, Innovation, Low Carbon, Local Procurement, Planning & Transportation, Housing Supply – a mixed bag of issues that are generally seen as barriers to growth apart from Innovation and Low Carbon which are opportunities for growth. The lack of access to finance is seen as stifling growth. 5. Export and international links – recognised as important in terms of new market opportunities and the potential scope of international trade which should be exploited.

10 10 For more information on the Coventry & Warwickshire LEP Please contact: CWLEP 53G/0/1 Jaguar Land Rover Banbury Road Gaydon Warwick CV35 0RG Tel: 01926 646000 Visit:

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