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To interaction and beyond Emma Rodgers Senior Campaigns Officer.

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1 To interaction and beyond Emma Rodgers Senior Campaigns Officer


3 Today’s session The case for SM at SCC Our journey Case studies The CS point of view Top tips Next steps


5 The background Committed to ensuring Staffordshire is an excellent place to live, visit and invest in.’ Direct link between satisfaction, value for money & council accessibility and quality of services [Reputation tracker] Similar link to being involved in decision making Drive for innovation and transformation

6 Residents told us…. They want to access us quickly and easily More self service Vfm and efficiency Responsiveness & flexibility More involvement in decision making

7 Changed landscape

8 Our Journey



11 #Potholes Improvements to SM audiences Listening SM reporting influenced policy CS integration 34% - webpage via SM

12 #talkalcohol Debuted on SM Live twitter chats Drove traffic to website Positive tone Interactive game


14 #leekimprovements Engaged with new people Concerns informed communications Minority that was self moderated Went to where the conversations were

15 Care Quality Green Paper #greenpaper #social care SM used for consultation Easier to digest Results reported New conversations

16 Care Quality Green Paper shirleyayresshirleyayres 9:39am via web9:39am via web @GleefulKaz I'd like to see every council running a similar survey! Defining quality in #socialcare @BracknellForest @StaffordshireCCGleefulKaz #socialcareBracknellForestStaffordshireCC SoTCityCouncilSoTCityCouncil 9:33am via HootSuite9:33am via HootSuite RT @StaffordshireCC: Have your say about the quality of social care services in Staffordshire. Complete our online survey at shirleyayresshirleyayres 9:30am via web9:30am via web @StaffordshireCC I'd have liked a Q about how people are using the internet to obtain info, advice & support about #socialcare services!StaffordshireCC#socialcare wispamewispame 9:26am via web9:26am via web RT @shirleyayres: Kudos @StaffordshireCC inviting comments on quality of their #socialcare services through an online survey. Any other councils doing this?shirleyayresStaffordshireCC#socialcare GleefulKazGleefulKaz 9:25am via Twitter for iPhone9:25am via Twitter for iPhone @BracknellForest - care to comment?… @shirleyayres…shirleyayresStaffordshireCC brumLINkbrumLINk 9:23am via web9:23am via web RT @shirleyayres: Kudos @StaffordshireCC inviting comments on quality of their #socialcare services through an online survey. Any other councils doing this?shirleyayresStaffordshireCC#socialcare

17 Care Quality Green Paper StaffordshireCCStaffordshireCC: Still time to come and join our focus group and air your views on the Quality of Care Services. #Stafford Gatehouse. starts 1pm today 11:05am, Aug 22 from HootSuite#Stafford GerryStokeGSKGerryStokeGSK: @StaffordshireCC muppets the most vulnerable cant bloody get there use your brains, you say quality WAKE UP CARE IN STAFFS IS SHOTStaffordshireCC GerryStokeGSKGerryStokeGSK Aug 22, 2:55pm via Web @StaffordshireCC your social services department is a joke cutting care, basically leaving 999 to do your dirty work.....not fit for pAug 22, 2:55pm via Web StaffordshireCC GerryStokeGSKGerryStokeGSK: CHOICES CARE USELESS COMPANY 1 OF,MY CARERS NOT TURNED UP AGAIN @StaffordshireCC THIS IS THE MESS YOU MADE OF CARE 12:32pm, Aug 23 from WebStaffordshireCC StaffordshireCC: @gerrystokegsk We have passed on your concerns. Happy to organise a Community Worker to come and see you. If so please get in touch 4:16pm, Aug 23 from HootSuitegerrystokegsk GerryStokeGSKGerryStokeGSK: @StaffordshireCC yes i would love that to happen 8:04pm, Aug 24 from WebStaffordshireCC

18 Hannah Cotton-Diederich Customer Service Manager [Access] To interaction and beyond


20 Customer Service Vision “A transformed customer service operation at the heart of the council, to improve our understanding of citizens and provide a consistent, high quality customer service and experience.”

21 The Goal Improve customer service Improve customer access Create demand Create cost efficiency


23 A CS Viewpoint Customer Service takeover August 2012 Twitter ‘Take 2’ Our reality

24 The good bits… CRM CS Tips Facebook

25 Top five tips Find the ROI/Value for money Flexibility Relationships Everyone can do but still good to have experts/find the right fit Build into reporting at the earliest stage with a focus on outcomes to keep senior team on-board Target Achieved £

26 What’s next? E-zine launch & email marketing Customer digital charter Campaign to promote SM as contact channel and transactions Improving what we have & future scanning Staff social media campaign Defining our e-offer across SCC & with partners Evaluation Engagement and consultation

27 Photo credits to be added once finalised

28 Emma Rodgers; @EmmaRodgers T: 01785276804 Hannah Cotton – Diederich Hannah.cotton- T: 01785277245 Credits Photo credits: Compfight Our Journey: Ideas: Darren Caveney

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