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Agenda – 24+ ALL Event 9.30 – 9.45 Welcome & Background – Gillian Miller 9.45 – 10.30 24+ ALL Information Pauline Frankland 10.30 – 11 How will I work.

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1 Agenda – 24+ ALL Event 9.30 – 9.45 Welcome & Background – Gillian Miller 9.45 – 10.30 24+ ALL Information Pauline Frankland 10.30 – 11 How will I work with the Students Loans Company? – Maggie Wightman 11 – 11.15 Tea & Coffee Break 11.15 – 11.45 How could the Introduction of FE Loans Impact on my Business? – Lesley Monaghan 11.45 – 12 – LSIS Support – Colin Forrest 12 – 12.15 Question & Answer Session – Gillian Miller 12.15 – 12.30 Review & Close – Gillian Miller Tea & Coffee available from 12.30

2 Welcome & Policy Overview Presentation to NE Given by Gillian Miller Date 11/09/12 01

3 Rationale CSR – greater pressure on resource Focus available funding on young people, those without basic skills, those seeking work Maintain access to learning for those outside these groups by providing finance Income contingent loans: providing insurance against low returns

4 Research and Impact Assessment 74% of learners surveyed said they might, probably would or definitely would take out a loan for learning Explaining terms and conditions led to positive views Aim is that all funding is taken up: 204,000 new enrolments each year Will require full programme of communications and marketing

5 Communication Tracker surveys – July, November, February Communications and marketing activity to commence in September Testing information materials with learners and providers Communication through providers, but also centrally

6 Helping the Sector to Prepare Provider events – July Skills Funding Agency and Student Loans Company Stakeholder Group Dialogue with Area Teams Skills Funding Agency FAQs LSIS support Monthly BIS briefing: skills/24-plus-advanced-learning-loans

7 Equality Impact Assessment Little or no evidence of disproportionate impact on most groups Learners aged 40+ less likely to react positively to loans – additional research Exploring Alternative Finance options Exploring how additional support could be provided to specific groups

8 Timeline September 2012 – regulations come into force Autumn 2012 – allocations to providers April 2013 – loans application system available August 2013 – learners with loans begin courses

9 Who are the Delivery Partners Department for Business Innovation and Skills Skills Funding Agency Student Loans Company HM Revenue and Customs

10 24+ Advanced Learning Loans Information Presentation to NE Given by Pauline Frankland Date 11/09/12 02

11 Qualifications Funded A Level (including A2s and AS levels) QAA Access to HE QCF Level 3 Certificate or Diploma QCF Level 4 Certificate or Diploma Advanced Apprenticeships Higher Apprenticeships Other publicly funded qualifications/aims at Level 3 or above as approved on LARA.

12 What is not eligible Units of qualifications and awards at Level 3 and 4 are ineligible for funding through a loan.

13 Loan amounts The minimum loan a learner can apply for is £300. The maximum funding rates for each type of learning aim/ Apprenticeship framework/ A-level programme will be confirmed by the Agency in January 2013 ahead of the loans application process opening on 1 st April 2013. The maximum loans available for Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships will remain at the co- funded rate to reflect the contribution that employers are expected to make towards the cost of the course.

14 UKPRN Learning aim reference number Learning aim title Learning aim start date / end date Fee being charged to the learner Maximum amount of loan available for learning Unique Learner Number Course Location Apprenticeship Framework Code/Pathway Code The Course Offer

15 Payment to providers Loans payment to providers will be against a flat monthly profile based on start and end dates. Example: Loan £900 to be delivered over 9 months will get 9 separate payments of £100 from Student Loan Company (SLC) subject to attendance confirmation.

16 Previous Study When loans are launched in 2013/14, previous study will not affect a learner’s entitlement to their first loan to follow a further Education Course. If a learner then applies for 2 nd loan, SLC will take previous educational Study that has been funded by loans into account.

17 Change of circumstances A learner or provider will be able to raise a change of circumstance (COC) that may result in a reassessment and change to their loan entitlement. A COC can be raised for the following reasons:- Change of personal details Change of learning Aim Change of loan amount Withdrawal Suspension Resumption Other

18 There will be a limit to the period over which a loan can be paid. For instance:- A Levels – maximum period of 2 years QAA Access to HE – maximum period of 2 years QCF level 3 Certificate -maximum period 2 years QCF level 3 Diploma - maximum 3 years QCF Level 4 or above Certificate maximum 2 years QCF level 4 or above Diploma- maximum 3 years Advanced Apprenticeships – maximum 3 years Higher Apprenticeships –maximum 3 years Periods of Study

19 Start and End Dates The learner and the learning provider will have flexibility to amend a learners aim start and end dates. When the start or end dates are amended prior to any attendance confirmation being made, all payments will be re-profiled to reflect the revised dates.

20 Number of Learning aims A learner is entitled to a maximum of 4 loans. A learner can study the four learning aims in any order and there is not a requirement for a learner to be progressing through the Learning aim levels. Learners will be provided with guidance on the opportunities available to help them make appropriate choices. For example, a learner may want to study a certificate in a specific trade after completing a Diploma in Management.

21 Further information The Funding Rules 2013/14 are due to be published in the near future and will go out in update. Information is updated in the Frequently asked questions. Frequently Asked Questions

22 How will I work with the Students Loans Company? Presentation to NE Given by Maggie Wightman Date 11/09/12 03

23 SLC Key Facts (1) Non profit making Government owned organisation Student Finance England in any one academic year has: - over one million applications (1.2million in AY 11/12) for Student Finance - of whom 500,000 were new applicants that year - In the month of June 2011 alone SLC processed 153,000 applications for Higher Education Last year SLC paid out: - £5.5 billion directly to students in loans and grants - £2.7 billion in tuition fees to Higher Education Institutions Repayments: - SLC manage the debt of 4 million customer and have approximately 3 million customers in repayments - Last year we collected £1.3 billion in repayments

24 SLC Key Facts (2) 24 Loan Repayments SLC work with HM Revenue and Customs to collect loan repayments. SLC collect repayments on 'mortgage style' loans issued before 1998 Bursaries & Scholarships SLC pay bursaries and scholarships on behalf of universities and colleges EU SLC have a dedicated team for dealing with applications from EU students in Higher Education SLC are responsible for administering the following products and services Student Finance England – inclusive of: Maintenance Loans and Grants Tuition Fee Loans Childcare Grant Disabled Student Allowance Student Finance Wales – Inclusive of: Maintenance Loans and Grants Tuition Fee Loans Childcare Grants Disabled Student Allowance Education Maintenance Allowance Adults Learning Grant Student Finance Northern Ireland – inclusive of: Maintenance Loans and Grants Tuition Fee Loans Childcare Grants Disabled Student Allowance Education Maintenance Allowance

25 Application (1) Application process will launch in April 2013 for learning aims commencing from 1 st August 2013 Intention to have online application ready for launch Straight forward eligibility - Non means tested application Details from course offer given to learner will aid accurate completion of the application Allows for speedier processing of application if SLC have complete and correct details

26 Application (2) Learner will be required to complete the following: Personal Details - Including National Insurance Number (NINO) and ULN - ULN not mandatory for application College or Training Organisation and Learning Aim Details - Including Start and End dates and Learning Aim Reference Number - Fee provider is charging Residency Information Passport details (if held) - No original passports need to be submitted for UK Nationals - Alternative forms of ID can be submitted Loan amount requested

27 Assessment (1) SLC will assess the application: -Check personal eligibility inclusive of age, residency and identity -Passport number can be checked by link with Identity and Passport Service to verify identity  Checks completed within 24 hours -Check College or Training Organisation is an approved provider -Check Learning Aim approved for funding -Loan requested not more than the Agency maximum or provider fee (whichever is lower) -NINO verified by link with Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

28 Assessment (2) Learner notified of the outcome of the assessment by SLC - E.G. Approved, Ineligible, Missing Evidence / Information Dedicated processing team within our processing unit Majority of applications dealt with by automated processing

29 Learner Provider Portal (1) Working with an advisory group of cross section of providers and IT Suppliers -proving input and support into the programme of development of service interactions by drawing on expertise -Engagement with these groups will be ongoing as the project progresses in addition to wider provider population Accessible through a dedicated Learner Provider website from March 2013 Agency will notify SLC of Approved Learning Providers and SLC will upload to the portal

30 Learner Provider Portal (2) SLC will be in touch providers to establish primary contact – super user access granted Additional users can be set up by the primary contact with varying levels of access Landing page will contain any system messages and access to areas of the portal: -User administration -Area where providers will view learner details, confirm attendance and view reports

31 View Learner Information (1) Available May 2013 View learner data for your organisation – via portal screens and export facility Learner data will be available on the portal at pre-approval stage Data will show application status and outcome of the assessment Search for individuals or groups of learners using a set of filters which will include: - Learner personal details - Unique Learner Number (ULN) incl learners with missing ULNs - Customer Reference Number (CRN) - Learning aim data - Fee rate and fee loan values - Location code / course trainer code (if applicable) - Valid National insurance number indicator (required before payment can be released)

32 View Learner Information (2) Summary level data returned from the search Ability to drill into individual learners details View history of any previous assessments/re-assessments Add ULNs where these are missing or correct if required where these have been provided by the learner Ability to add your own reference number against learners if preferable Early sight of information for checking prior to attendance confirmations

33 Confirming Attendance/Learning (1) Available August 2013 First confirmation of attendance required when the learner has been in attendance for two weeks (initial liability point) then quarterly thereafter Learners who require an attendance confirmation will be presented on a work list for providers to action ULN is mandatory prior to attendance confirmation – key identifier across the sector e.g. ILR Learning providers can submit confirmations via the screens directly or use the export / import function - xml format

34 Confirming Attendance/Learning (2) Learning providers have the ability to notify SLC when a learner has withdrawn or suspended – learners will not be liable for the remainder of the loan after they have stopped attending Learning providers have the ability to notify SLC of non attendance. For example, if a learner leaves prior to initial liability point of two weeks or has never attended SLC will cancel applications for any learners with no attendance confirmation three months after proposed start date Once attendance has been confirmed after the initial liability point payments will be made on a set date each month

35 Payments After the 1 st attendance confirmation payments are made on a monthly basis – flat profile based on start and end dates Balancing payment made if learning completed early Timely payments are facilitated by: - Checking the learner has a National Insurance Number and help encourage the learner to provide this where missing - Check ULN is provided and accurate and complete the field if missing - Check Learning Aim data is accurate - Confirm attendance in a timely manner

36 Financials and Reports Statement available of each payment made – view on screen or export Breakdown of each payment by learners and amounts paid. Any recoveries detailed where applicable Annual position breakdown: - Totals of payments scheduled - Totals of payments received - Totals of payments blocked - Totals of any recoveries - Anticipated that this can shown monthly

37 Change of Circumstances (1) Learning Providers can submit Change of Circumstances (CoCs) to notify SLC of the following: - Change of Learning Aim details (with the exception of learning provider – must be a withdrawal) - Cancellation (prior to liability point) - Withdrawal - Suspension - Resumption

38 Change of Circumstances (2) Can be done in bulk upload or via portal screens CoCs may result in reassessment and a change to the loan entitlement Learning Providers cannot change learner personal details Audit trail of CoCs submitted available Reported totals of each category of CoC available Allows providers to make changes to ensure data aligns with their records / ILR data

39 Summary Learner Learner completes learning aim Learning Provider Learning Provider confirms attendance quarterly SLC Payments are made each month Learning Provider Leaner attends for 2 weeks and attendance is then confirmed by Learning Provider Learning Provider Learning Provider can view data on Learning Provider Portal SLC Application is assessed Learner Learner completes application and submits with all required supporting evidence

40 Learning Provider Support and Resources Learning Provider Services Website - Access to the Portal (March 2013) - Bulletins and updates as we proceed with roll-out preparations e.g. early sight of technical specifications and file formats - Supporting material for the system User Guides E-learning materials Awareness seminars Operations helpdesk once systems are live

41 Next Step & Contact Details Cascade to colleagues who will be responsible for the administration processes Regularly check our website for updates and key messages - (now live) Queries on administration/SLC systems contact: -

42 Tea & Coffee Break

43 How could the introduction of FE Loans impact on my business? Lesley Monaghan 11 September 2012 04

44 Opportunity or challenge? Loans are the chance to maintain a route into learning for those at level 3 or above in times of reduced public spending Learners who could not afford to pay for their own learning previously will be able to access a loan Fixed repayments when earnings raise above £21K Potential to increase loan ‘facility’ Impact on your curriculum offer

45 How will loans impact on my 13/14 allocation? Impact of Comprehensive Spending Review Initial ‘facility’ based on historical delivery in 2011/12 Need to manage through current in learning within 13/14 allocation Initial provider loan ‘facility’ to be issued Autumn What happens if I am not given a loan ‘facility’? What if I don’t think my loan ‘facility’ is enough?

46 Performance Management Agency to monitor uptake of loans Agency to update sector on emerging demand for loans and amend loan facilities to reflect this

47 Loans Data Region Number of providers with FE loans provision of 20% and over Average % of provision affected GFE Average % LA Average % ITP Average % NE69%15%8% YH47%12%7%6% LCL79%14%9%8% SW511%14%8%10% EM58%12%7%6% WM58%12%9%6% CE07%12%5%7% SC1010%12%13%7% LN&E or LS&W1510%13%12%10% MCWS99%14%4%8% SE28%12%9%8% TV89%13%5%8%

48 Other Considerations How will we ensure our staff are aware of the new arrangements? How will we manage the loans process? Fees policy The curriculum offer How will we ensure our students/employers are aware of the new arrangements?

49 What information is available to me? Historical delivery information BIS research & impact assessment BIS monthly briefings Skills Funding Agency FAQ’s 24+ALL Update to the Funding Rules expected shortly 11/12 final claims data

50 Timeline September 2012-regulations come into force Autumn 2012-allocations to providers & update to the Funding Rules April 2013-loans applications system available August 2013-learners with loans begin courses

51 Areas for clarification or additional support?

52 Supporting providers with the introduction of 24+ Advanced Learning Loans 11 th September Colin Forrest

53 Progress with development of the Support Service Published Draft Prospectus for consultation Feedback from providers survey and at briefings Working on service design and revised Prospectus Development Team and Plan in place

54 Provider Survey Findings On-line survey link distributed: Briefing registrants, AELP members, SFA Update, LSIS newsletter 168 responses of which 158 attended briefings Mainly FE and WBL providers Mainly lead providers

55 Provider Survey Findings Implications for Providers Levels of understanding of…… Low High How loans will operate?2%11%56%31% The impact of loans on your learners? 4%27%51%18% The impact of loans on your organisation? 3%34%46%17%

56 Provider Survey Findings Implications for Providers Remain broadly the same offer20% Some changes to the current offer40% Significant changes to the current offer36% Unlikely to continue delivering to this cohort5% How do expect your offer to change from 2013?

57 Provider Survey Findings Implications for LSIS Support PreferSupport OptionDon't Favour 89%Network briefing pack11% 86%Toolkits14% 81%Rolling FAQ Digest19% 80%Online self-diagnostic health-check20% 80%Face-to-face seminars20% 72%Consultancy28% 68%Online practise sharing seminars32% 65%Case-studies35%

58 Provider Survey Findings Implications for LSIS Support Only if free Expect to be free but might consider a fee Would pay On-line practise sharing seminars 74%24%2% Consultancy advice for provider groups, consortia, or networks 45%43%12% Face-to-face seminars 43%45%13% One-to-one consultancy 32%36%33%

59 Themes for Support Will need some or significant support (Managing Learners) Loan suspension, or early termination55% Information, advice and guidance52% Managing employer and learner contributions 52% Eligibility and Recruitment44% Enrolment and induction37% Learner attendance and reporting35% Complaints and customer service30% Learner Retention29% Learner support - teaching and learning26% Will need some or significant support (Managing Organisations) Marketing & communications48% Employer engagement45% Strategy and planning38% Fee-setting36% Collaborative strategy for leads and for sub-contractors 36% Inspection34% Data/ILR33% Provider funding30% Quality improvement/Quality assurance29% Budget Management27% Staff24% Curriculum21% Equality and diversity19%

60 Targets for Support 2012/13 Allocations * Adult Skills Budget £M College1,42863% Private Company or Partnership60027% Local Authority1095% Third Sector894% Other201% University40% 2,251 * From ROTO / Allocations data

61 Support offer v2 Four Toolkits will be the core of the offer More expansive and integrated with diagnostics and case-studies Toolkit theme proposals: o Strategy and planning o Financial analysis and planning o Communications, marketing and engagement o Quality

62 Support offer v2 Case-studies will now not be free-standing but part of the above tool-kits Each toolkit will have a core diagnostic and other diagnostics on individual elements Once all toolkits have been completed an overall diagnostic may be created. Briefing packs will be included in each toolkit, for networks or providers to use

63 Support offer v2 FAQ will be retained and updated monthly Online seminars – themes to be agreed, free. Face-to-face events will reflect toolkit themes, programme to be published in Sept. Cost recovery fee. Consultancy will be available at cost and individually tailored to providers’ needs

64 Timetable Next version of Prospectusearly Sept with seminar programmes First toolkit publishedOctober Consultant team availableOctober Seminars startOctober Second and third toolkitsNov/Dec Fourth toolkitMarch

65 Potential Priorities For providers: We recommend you start by looking at how many learners 24+ are on existing advanced level courses and how many of your level 2 learners usually progress to level 3. This will provide some indication of potential learner numbers. If you are a lead contractor you will need to consult with your sub-contractors. If your forecasts indicate substantial impact then you will need to look at the full range of issues that are detailed in our support prospectus:

66 Resources Email: Web site for Support Programme: FAQs g:2105/datastreams/DOC/content

67 Questions & Answer Session Gillian Miller

68 Review & Close Gillian Miller

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