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Children, Young People & Families subgroup 15 January 2013.

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1 Children, Young People & Families subgroup 15 January 2013

2 1. Children and Young People's Plan Following from the previous update, the consultation period has now finished and we are moving into the 'Making sense of it all' period. This will take place over the coming months with some initial priorities, which will be out to consultation, identified in April-May. Just to reiterate a huge thank you to all of the services that supported the consultation. The insight was fantastic and it has provided a solid foundation for the future plan. Southwark council updates

3 2. Southwark Safeguarding Children's Board In line with national legislation change there is a local review of the work and governance of the board locally. This includes consideration as to how we increase the representation of faith and community groups on the board. This follows a successful recruitment of lay members to the board last year.

4  Clarification, comments, questions?  Other issues to be raised?  CAS will put to council for response to the group.  Email, speak to us after.  Response

5 New year, new approach to how CAS can:  Lobby the council (& others)  Give the sector more influence  Represent our members – you Improving how CAS represents and lobbies for the voluntary sector

6 How?  Series of ‘Summits’ to improve partnership working between sector and council  New system of elected representatives (Reps)  New policy strategy This session  Update members on these changes  More importantly – you tell us what you want from CAS  Key issues/threats facing orgs  Coproduction  Joint, strong responses to policy changes, positions

7 Children, Young People and Families subgroup 16 January 2013

8 Concept An open and well structured dialogue on the right topics between local decision makers/opinion formers can lead to significantly improved cross- sector working relationships, more efficient services and ultimately, better outcomes for the residents of Southwark. Topics Health (Nov 12) Children’s Services (Dec 12) Personalisation (Mar 13, exact date TBC) Welfare Reform ? ??? The Thinking Allowed Summits

9 The Children’s Services Summit Why Children’s Services? Why now? Policy reforms Funding cuts Structural reforms Desired outcome To create a joint action plan that addresses emerging challenges and issues in the developing Children’s Services landscape and allows partnership working to flourish Method Identify drivers for and expectations of partnership working Establish objectives for partnership working Outline obstacles for partnership working Create an action plan to meet objectives and overcome obstacles

10  Better outcomes for children, young people and families  Reduce duplication and improve use of resources  Greater service user involvement  Genuine co-production (from identifying need to service design to evaluation of delivery)  Greater emphasis on early intervention and prevention  Better integration of health, education and children’s services  Structuring the market appropriately for personalisation  Encouraging collaboration and innovation  Improving communication and use of intelligence  More representative decision making structures  Clearer thresholds for services  Take a longer term view Drivers for and expectations of working together

11  Personalisation  Communication  Safeguarding  Sustainability, collaboration and coproduction Areas for development

12 Personalisation  Create a market forum to share information, best practice and address challenges  Transition fund to support organisational change Communication Create self-servicing directory of services Action plan

13 Safeguarding  Create a multi-agency safeguarding hub  Allow VCS to access central social services C.A.F for assessments  Review make up of the safeguarding board Sustainability, collaboration and coproduction Create CAS collaboration forum Create collaboration toolkit Unit costing training Impact measurement training

14 Action plan Areas to address Greater VCS role at every stage of the commissioning cycle (from needs assessment to evaluation) Quality mark? Is there anything missing? What should be prioritised?

15  Write up report in light of discussion  Inform the CAS Influencing and organisational strategy  Circulate via CASCADE at the end of January 2013 Contact details Andy Boaden 020 7358 7017 Next steps

16 Existing system People from sector sitting on a range of council-led strategic partnerships E.g. Children and Families Trust, Safeguarding Children Board BUT, no systematic way of wider sector – having a voice being told of policy changes, opportunities, threats etc. New system of elected Reps New system Group of 25-30 representatives (Reps) who – attend subgroups, listening to concerns/issues speak on behalf of the sector on strategic partnerships systematically feed back developments to sector

17 New system of elected Reps Oct-Dec Received nominations for group of 20-30 elected representatives (Reps) Announced approx. 30 nominees at CAS AGM on 5 th December Jan-April Work with Reps to – agree key messages develop ways of communicating developments Start new system in earnest in April

18 Voluntary and Community Sector Reps Phil Mawhinney (Policy and Participation Officer, CAS) 1. Helen Rice Blackfriars Advice Centre 2. Jacky Bourke-White Age UK Lewisham & Southwark 3. Lisa Greensill Time and Talents 4. Andy Walker Southside Young Leaders Academy 5. Mohamed Umarr Kamara Sweissy Union 6. Carol Nwosu Sickle Cell & Young Stroke Survivors 7. Kassandra Echebima IPA 8. Eilette Andrew-Thomas 1 Way Forward 9. Ian Redding Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum 10. Nicholas Okwulu People Empowering People 11. Andrew Rice Southwark Disability Forum 12. Susan Underhill Blackfriars Settlement 13. Hazel Saunders Faces in Focus 14. Sharon Kitson Faces in Focus

19 Voluntary and Community Sector Reps 15. Rev Fred Osei Annin Actionplus Foundation (UK) 16. Dinah Cox Time and Talents 17. Eileen Conn Peckham Vision 18. Joan Baxter WPF Therapy 19. Natalia Sali Southwark Contact a Family 20. Stephanie Correia Southside Rebah Ltd 21. Catherine Evans Southwark Law Centre 22. Neil White Southwark Pensioners Centre, Director 23. Verinder Mander Southwark Carers 24. Carolyn Martin Family Action 25. Julie Corbett-Bird Blackfriars Settlement 26. Sally Causer Southwark Citizens Advice Bureaux Service 27. Florence Emakpose World of Hope

20 Key discussion points How can we make sure subgroup functions well with Reps? How can Reps systematically listen to and feed back to subgroup? Should there be communication with Reps outside subgroup meetings and how? E.g. 1 hour per subgroup meeting, ad hoc meetings on specific topics as they come up? Online communication? Email briefings?

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