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Child Protection Training

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1 Child Protection Training
The Designated Child Protection Teacher

2 The BIG Picture Reduction in child deaths nationally since national training began 200 cases a year referred by schools in Ealing . Don’t know what we don’t know. NSPCC data ,1 in 9 ? School staff, teaching and non-teaching, uniquely placed to spot possible abuse. SEN,LAC, FSM, EAL, CiN, Likely to come across cases in course of professional life

3 Legal Framework School’s duty is to refer cases where investigation may be needed. Only social services and police can investigate . Education must co-operate. Children Act 1989 and and Every Child Matters “Working Together “ DFES circular Safeguarding and safer recruitment Key Guidance. Separate C P section in all school Ofsted reports …..and a limiting judgement

4 Key Tasks for Schools A child Protection policy and procedure, reviewed annually.( model policy at teachernet ) A designated child protection teacher Safe recruitment procedures. National training for heads and governors. Training for designated teacher( every 2 years),whole school (every 3 years)and Governing Body. Curriculum, listening culture,recording systems.

5 Key Role of Designated Teacher
The back of the wardrobe Where everybody knows your name map reading Knowing me ,knowing you, ah ha!

6 Thresholds Section 47 of the Children Act Is it a CiN or is it SAFE ?
Time for a CAF Ealing’s Guidance document

7 What is child abuse Most things are not, but how to distinguish normal marks,behaviour changes,and children in need from the early signs of abuse? Children Act identifies significant harm in 4 areas .They may overlap. Physical ,sexual, emotional, and neglect. Role of ethnicity,culture,social class,personal experience

8 Issues. Parents rights. Social ambivalence. Never did me any harm
Sexual pre-occupation Drip feed ,testing out, listening,example of other children. CHILD’S WELFARE PARAMOUNT IS THE FIRST PRINCIPLE OF THE CHILDREN ACT

9 Signs and Symptoms Trust gut feelings, get the wider picture, always consult. Sexual abuse:disclosures,age inappropriate sexual knowledge Neglect: hungry, wrong clothing,smelly. Emotional: scapegoating,”low warmth high criticism”. Frozen child. Physical: frequency,vulnerable areas of the body,marks?, changing/different explanations,adults state of mind drunk or drug abusing. Disclosures. Leading or Clarifying ?

10 Why Can Concerns be Missed
Child may be intimidated, loyal, not know any different. Adults may worry about mistakes,parents rights.Identify with the stress . Making it worse, Breaking up families (less that 1% of children referred are removed from home ) Reprisals. Legal security,physical safety, Too understanding!

11 Causes and their Treatment
Causes. Stress ,family psychology, dangerous people. Treatment. Reduce stress with support and monitoring Skilled psychological treatment of family dynamics Lock up and treat dangerous offenders

12 Outcomes Outcome. Very good. Almost all children get an effective support package and come off the child protection register. Less that 1 % removed from home.Adults who were ill treated report that help was effective.

13 Training Requirements for training set out in DCSF guidance , and ofsted inspected Resourcs ECSB multi agency brochure,Schools service training brochure,commercial offers

14 Policy Dcsf and Ofsted requirement to have a policy .
Content of a policy at appendix 3 of ofsted inspection guidance ( Sept 09 ) Model Policy on Teachernet

15 Parents Second Principle of the children act is “work co-operatively with parents” Tell the parent about the referral unless it puts the child at risk. Decide with the social worker on who will say what and when to the parent. School has to talk to parent at some stage as usually a relationship will continue. A task for senior management.

16 Disclosures School is one of the few if only place where pupils can disclose harm A listening culture and multiple avenues for disclosure are needed Staff may be tested with minor issues Information may be released in “installments “ Confidentiality cannot be promised, even if the incident was in the past Record and discuss with designated teacher asap

17 Confidentiality No promise but a commitment to involve child in all that happens Explain the need to protect the pupil Age appropriate discussion Over emphasise and child may not disclose. Staff may feel uncomfortable In high school other pupils will be influenced to disclose or not by experience of peers

18 Recording A separate cp file and a separate legal status
Contains all papers …from a note of a teacher’s concern to conference minutes Index at front of file, all papers in date order Keep securely and a system to ensure other staff know of the file when needed. LAC , SEN, files to be up to date

19 Recording continued When a child leaves a school either at normal transition date or in year the designated teacher must ensure that a copy of any child protection file is passed onto the designated teacher at the child’s new schoo Files may contain notes of any review of the pupils progress undertaken at school . l Files should include a note on which staff are told about a pupil’s case and why and any role they are to take in the response to the concern.

20 From suspicion ,to concern ,to referral ,to plan .
Listening to staff. Reaching out to staff. Where everyone knows your name.Role of Designated tea Recording Getting the wider picture. Organising information Child protection advisers

21 From suspicion ,to concern ,to referral ,to plan.
Who are you going to call. Call centre and social workers Referral form Case conference . Report form. Core groups . A multi-agency plan Reviews Trouble Shooting

22 Sex and Drugs and Rock an Roll
Allegations against staff Private fostering Female Genital Mutilation Domestic Violence Drug misuse Forced Marriage Sexual exploitation Teenage Pregnancy Internet



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