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© HuthwaiteFleming Increasing the influence of In House Counsel Kate Fleming.

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1 © HuthwaiteFleming Increasing the influence of In House Counsel Kate Fleming

2 © HuthwaiteFleming What our clients say nIn depth sector knowledge nSector experience nPractical understanding.

3 © HuthwaiteFleming Award Winners 2007 Training Organisation of the Year 2007.

4 © HuthwaiteFleming Challenges for In House Counsel nInvolved too late and left to “sweep up” nLack of co-operation nLack of understanding by other managers nSeen as a hindrance nCurrent economic environment means all departments are under scrutiny

5 © HuthwaiteFleming Objectives nEnhance the perception others have of you in your role nSell yourselves more effectively to internal clients nIncrease your influence nShare ideas and good practice with others

6 © HuthwaiteFleming Think of someone you know who is influential What do they do that contributes to their influence?

7 © HuthwaiteFleming People with influence……. Gain influence through their position. Well connected – they know people and people know them. Behave appropriately Are knowledgeable. Are visible Have others come to them Know how to use their knowledge Show good leadership

8 © HuthwaiteFleming Programme nBuilding effective networks nIncreasing visibility nEstablishing your credibility nCommunicating with internal clients

9 © HuthwaiteFleming Building effective networks nInformation nIntroduce you to others nSupport nIncrease your influence by association

10 © HuthwaiteFleming Exercise – building an effective network Make a list of people you have in your Internal network nDo you have the right people in your network? nWho else do you need to have in your network?

11 © HuthwaiteFleming Exercise - increasing your influence nHow can you increase your visibility nHow can build your credibility Now share good practice

12 © HuthwaiteFleming Increase your visibility nSpend time working in other departments to get to know them nGet involved in other initiatives in the business. nCommunicate face to face where possible and avoid email

13 © HuthwaiteFleming Establishing credibility nBe knowledgeable about the business nBe proactive, provide information and advice that will be of interest to other colleagues nBroadcast good news and demonstrate added value nBuild relationships with colleagues and let them know how you can help

14 © HuthwaiteFleming Establishing credibility nContribute at meetings to the wider business agenda nDo what you say nHave a "Can do“ attitude whenever possible whilst managing expectations nListen

15 © HuthwaiteFleming Establishing credibility nWrite articles and newsletters nSpeak at conferences nOffer opinions and thought leadership nJoin committees

16 © HuthwaiteFleming Networking with internal clients External networks Visibility Credibility Internal networks

17 © HuthwaiteFleming Exercise – communicating with colleagues nWrite down the value you contributed to the business (not what you DID but what it MEANT e.g. cost savings, reduction of risk,) nIn pairs, tell each other as though your partner was your client….. nGive feedback on CONTENT Think of the last 3 projects you were involved in

18 © HuthwaiteFleming Increase your influence by building and managing effective networks, raising your profile and building your credibility …… so what now?

19 © HuthwaiteFleming nIf you wish this evening’s event to qualify for CPD hours, please leave a business card at the front and we will issue a certificate

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