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Information for Parents March 2012. The Four Capacities: Successful Learners Confident Individuals Responsible Citizens Effective Contributors.

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1 Information for Parents March 2012

2 The Four Capacities: Successful Learners Confident Individuals Responsible Citizens Effective Contributors

3 Eight Curriculum Areas: Expressive ArtsReligious and Moral Education Health and WellbeingSciences Languages and LiteracySocial Studies Mathematics and Numeracy Technologies

4 Faculties at Knox: Expressive Arts: Art, Drama, Music Health and Wellbeing:PSD, HE, PE Science:Biology, Chem. Physics Communication:Classics, English, ML Social Studies: Bed. Geog. Hist. MSt. RMPS Numeracy and Technologies:Maths, Comp, Tech

5 Entitlements: Coherent curriculum from 3-18 Broad general education S1-3 Senior phase S4-6 Developing skills for learning, life and work Achieve to the highest levels they can Positive destination

6 Principles for Curriculum Design: Challenge and enjoyment Breadth Progression Depth Personalisation and choice Coherence Relevance

7 Levels: Level: Early First Second Third and Fourth Senior Phase Stage: -Pre-school and P1 -To the end of P4 -To the end of P7 -S1-S3 -S4-S6 and college

8 Levels and Qualifications: Standard Grades and Intermediates will be replaced by new National 4 and 5 from 2014. Higher and Advanced Highers remain but will be updated to reflect Curriculum for Excellence. SCQF Level: Probable year of study: Advanced Higher : 7 S6 Higher 6 S5 National 5 5 S4 National 4 4 S3/4 Access 1-3 1 -3 S1-3 The above ‘year of study’ is a guide only, pupils will be able to progress at their ‘own speed’ and level. National : 5 = Credit and 4= General Standard Grade External Examinations will not be undertaken until pupils study at SCQF level 5.

9 Progress at Knox Academy: 6 Faculties in place S1/2 Timetable in place, including blocking Faculties auditing and developing courses based on Experiences and Outcomes Numeracy: toolkit Literacy: toolkit Detailed planning for S3

10 Assemblies: the programme provides opportunities for individuals or groups to deliver a themed assembly Groups: contribution from various groups: School Council, Eco-Group, S6 Leadership Team, S6 Committees, Amnesty International Extra-curricular Activities and June Programme Faculties looking at the rationales and summaries for qualifications Central to the School Development Plan

11 S2: 2011-2012: What happens at the end of S2 (June 2012)? Knox Academy plans to maintain the broad curriculum, pupils will be timetabled into all 6 Faculties to ensure the breadth is maintained.

12 When and how do pupils choose subjects? In each Faculty, pupils will be given the opportunity to specialise in some subjects. For example, in the Expressive Arts Faculty, all pupils will study Art, Music and Drama, but some may wish to concentrate on Art and Music only as the year progresses. During S3 we expect many pupils to reach Level 4 in all or some of their subjects.

13 What happens in S4? At the end of S3, pupils will have the opportunity to choose the subjects they wish to specialise in and that they require for their career choice. We envisage that pupils will be able to take up to 8 subjects at Level 5, although the arrangements will be tailored to meet the needs of individual pupils.

14 Something like this……… Course Choice: 123456789 Comp Elective EnglishMathsScienceSoc SubEx ArtTech Com/HW B Free Choice Core Optional Notes: pupils take English and Maths and up to 6 electives at level 5 or as appropriate. Pupils could take fewer, opting for optional activities. All pupils take core in one column. Examples: EngMathsBiologyHistoryDramaCoreFrenchPEGeography EngMathsBiologyMod StArtCompCoreChemistryPhysics EngMathsCoreMod StMusicCDTPEOptional EngMathsBiology Geograph yCoreOptionalFrenchPEClassics

15 Timescale for current S2: June 2012: S2 pupils advised and consider if they wish to opt to specialise in any subjects in each of the Faculties August 2012: S2 pupils move into S3. and have time timetabled in each of the Faculties. All have the opportunity for a broad curriculum plus some choice

16 June 2013: All S3 pupils receive a Profile detailing their attainment and achievements in S1-3. Levels up to and including Level 4 are assessed internally by the school. June 2013: S3 pupils choose their subjects in which to specialise in S4 (the number will be dependent on the pupil’s progress, ability and career requirements) May 2014: S4 pupils sit the SQA diet of examinations in their chosen subjects

17 DON’T PANIC All the plans for Knox Academy are aimed at improving the educational provision and experience for pupils. We will not take risks with your child’s future, everything will be monitored closely.

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