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What is Biology & Characteristics of Life

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1 What is Biology & Characteristics of Life

2 What is Biology??? Bio- = life -logy = study of
BIOLOGY = study of life (living things) ORGANISM = a living thing

3 What is a living thing?? LET’S BRAINSTORM!!

4 Is FIRE living? Why might someone consider fire to be living?

5 Characteristics of Living Things
ORGANIZATION - Every organism is composed of one or more cells!!

6 Levels of Organization
Atoms Molecules Cell Part (Organelle) Cell → unicellular organism Tissue (ex. muscle) Organ (ex. stomach) Organ System (ex. digestive) Multicellular Organism

7 Characteristics of Life
REPRODUCTION = production of offspring - essential for survival of SPECIES!

8 Characteristics of Life
GROWTH (adding biomass) AND DEVELOPMENT (structural/chemical changes)

9 Characteristics of Life

10 Characteristics of Life
5. USE ENERGY (metabolism)

11 What do biologists study?
Organisms Interactions of organisms with their environments How to conserve resources and preserve species Solutions to human problems

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