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Business: Graded Unit 2 Kenneth Allen

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1 Business: Graded Unit 2 Kenneth Allen

2 Business: Graded Unit 2 Background:
Consultation with sector and other stakeholders Consensus has led to removal of Graded Unit exam from year two and a modification to the Graded Unit 2 investigation, namely: A change to the credit value:1 to 2 HN credits Some improvements to the manageability of the unit, including some changes to the guidance on grading A change to the distribution of marks across the 3 stages

3 Business: Graded Unit 2 Information on key modifications:
Distribution of marks adjusted to 25, 50, 25 Concerns addressed regarding the ‘criteria’ applied to the awarding of a ‘highly competent’ A grade and a ‘competent’ C grade

4 Business: Graded Unit 2 Planning
Removal of the ‘statement of criteria’ element within the planning stage Inclusion of ‘negotiated’ timescales to help maintain focus

5 Business: Graded Unit 2 Development
Implications widened to include the ‘business environment’ Requirement for ‘an analysis’ of sources and data collected Requirement for ‘appropriate recommendations’ derived from ‘conclusions’

6 Business: Graded Unit 2 Evaluation
A brief outline of the investigation Conclusions arrived at after reflection carried out in the evaluation

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