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Current plans and thoughts for the future JMFOA-UK.

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1 Current plans and thoughts for the future JMFOA-UK

2 Education

3 Why do we want to do this Many organisations are doing many JMFOA-UK is a new organisation It doesn’t have money We have many good teachers Easy to do They need this

4 We need to provide what they want

5 Jaffna visit

6 We met Dean of the Faculty Almost all lecturers in the Faculty Almost all the consultants in Jaffna Hospital

7 Target groups Undergraduate students Postgraduate doctors Faculty teaching staffs

8 Where In Jaffna In UK

9 Jaffna

10 1. Undergraduate students Lectures and tutorials Class room teaching Daily 1-2 hours during 9-5 and after 5 pm Bedside teaching after 5 pm Weekend classes

11 They need support in Forensic medicine Pathology Microbiology/ Parasitology/Immunology Psychiatry PPDS teaching- need lot of help Communication skill training/coaching

12 2. Postgraduate doctors Evening/weekend classes/meetings Grand rounds JMA Saturday 8 am lectures/ Guest lectures/seminars/ emergency medicine workshops/conference

13 2. Postgraduate doctors PG training, both Part 1(MCQ teaching, materials/CD) and Part 2 bedside teaching/coaching for MD/MS/MRCP/FRCS Journals for Library Cardiac arrest /trauma service/ALS

14 Who Any one Jaffna graduates, former Jaffna teachers Other Sri Lankan doctors British doctors Doctors from other countries

15 Teachers Each will visit 1-3 weeks Aim to provide teaching without gaps Website will have timetable/gaps/ areas where we need support You select your speciality and time and write to us with abstract of your CV

16 Teachers Teachers will travel to Sri Lanka on their own expense Transport could be arranged from Colombo- Jaffna-Colombo Good accommodation with meals and car with driver could be provided Evening and weekend sightseeing tour

17 Teachers Feedback from students and local teachers will be obtained This will be used to improve the quality of teaching

18 UK

19 1. Undergraduate Students E-mentoring by medical students Foreign doctor as mentor/advisor Student elective

20 2. Postgraduate Doctors To arrange dual sponsorship jobs for foreign training and sitting postgraduate examination To arrange paid jobs To arrange scholarships/ to sponsor courses ( travel and accommodation)

21 3. Faculty Teaching Staffs To arrange foreign training To attend postgraduate courses/teaching courses To come and do postgraduate examinations To support the travel and to provide food and accommodation

22 Other helps Video conferences Faculty and JMA libraries To support nurses

23 teachers Conduct Commitment to quality Commitment to learning Commitment to students

24 Benefits No material benefit Pleasure of giving Sense of satisfaction and fulfilment

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