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© RSPH 2008 RSPH Level 1 Award in HEALTH AWARENESS.

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1 © RSPH 2008 RSPH Level 1 Award in HEALTH AWARENESS

2 © RSPH 2008 Award purpose To raise awareness of personal and public health and To enable learners to make positive lifestyle choices for health and wellbeing

3 © RSPH 2008 Health Awareness Level 1 A single unit award at Level 1 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework 10 ‘Notional learning hours’ Provides a foundation for: -Knowledge & skills expansion -Knowledge and skills advancement -New ways of collaboration

4 © RSPH 2008 RSPH Level 2 Award Understanding Health Improvement, or Health Promotion e.g. RSPH Level 2 Award in Decontamination in Health & Social Care Settings e.g. RSPH Level 3 Nutrition for Healthier Food & Special Diets C & G Level 3 Certificate for HT [VRQ] RSPH Level 1 Health Awareness e.g. Level 1 RSPH Hazard Awareness e.g. Life check ‘ Core Value ’ Unit HT2 (K1-7) NOS NHS KSF (HWB1) Health Literacy e.g. Expert Patient Programme

5 (c) RSPH 2008

6 © RSPH 2008 Learners  Provides a ‘core value’ unit for a variety of workplace settings : Health and social care, including those preparing for careers in those sectors or as a foundation in support roles to professions Education Public services Corporate settings

7 © RSPH 2008 Learners  Health & lifestyle education for young people  Preparation for Local Involvement Network representatives (LINks) and Patient and Public Involvement groups  Learning for those accessing NHS Life Check

8 © RSPH 2008 Assessment -Multiple choice examination One examination paper of 20 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 45 minutes Pass - candidates must achieve 13 correct answers out of 20

9 © RSPH 2008 Learning Outcomes 1. Understand the meaning of ‘Health’ 2. Understand the basic principles of public health 3. Understand the lifestyle choices affecting personal health and wellbeing 4. Understand how to manage personal health collaboratively with health service providers

10 © RSPH 2008 Learning Outcome 1 - Health & wellbeing - Concepts of ‘Health’ - Basic human needs

11 © RSPH 2008 Health & Wellbeing ‘Foundations for achievement’ Health is made up of a number of factors which help people to achieve their maximum personal potential. Health: The foundations for Achievement, Chichester : John Wiley Seedhouse, D. (1986) in

12 © RSPH 2008 Health & Wellbeing Healthiness: Wholeness or the integrity of the person, their inner strength and ability to cope. Study of Health beliefs of elderly people living in Aberdeen concluded that people could consider themselves, or others, healthy even though they may be badly diseased Rory Williams (1993) ‘Concepts of health; an analysis of lay logic’, Sociology 17, 2:185-205

13 © RSPH 2008 Models of Health Scientific medical model Holistic model (physical, mental and social wellbeing)

14 © RSPH 2008 Basic Human Needs Breathing Food Water Sex Sleep Safety and security needs

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