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B4 a-d Pig (H).  What is the job of air spaces?

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1 B4 a-d Pig (H)

2  What is the job of air spaces?

3  Allow gases to diffuse from palisade cell to air/air to palisade cell

4  List 3 adaptations of a leaf for efficient photosynthesis

5  Broad (large surface area)  This (short diffusion distance)  Palisade cells have many chloroplasts (containing chlorophyll)  Veins bring water/remove sugar  Stomata allow carbon dioxide in/oxygen out  Transparent epidermis  Palisade cells near top of leaf  Air spaces  Large surface area to volume ratio

6  What is osmosis

7  Diffusion of water from a high water concentration to a low water concentration across a partially permeable membrane

8  What will happen to a red blood cell if you inject pure water into your veins?

9  Water will enter the cell by osmosis until it bursts

10  Explain the importance of osmosis in plant support

11  Water enters cells by osmosis  Increased volume of water inside vacuole pushes out against cell wall  Cells are turgid (stiff)  Turgid cells support plant

12  What is the job of tube Z?

13  Transporting sugars around the plant

14  What is this device called and what is it for?

15  Potometer  Measuring water uptake (allow transpiration) in a plant

16  Why does increasing the wind speed increase the rate of transpiration?

17  Water vapour is removed from outside the stomata  Increased the concentration gradient between air space and air  Faster diffusion

18  List 2 ways desert plants are adapted to reduce water loss

19  Extra thick waxy cuticle  Few stomata/stomata often closed  Stomata in pits/surrounded by hairs  Small leaves (reduced surface areas)

20  HOW do stomata close at night?

21  Photosynthesis stops  Glucose used up by respiration  Water concentration in guard cell increases  Water leaves guard cell by osmosis  Guard cell becomes flaccid and changes shape  Stomata closes

22  Why does a plant need magnesium?

23  To make chlorophyll (for photosynthesis)

24  What will a plant look like if it is grown with very little nitrate?

25  small

26  How do minerals enter a root hair?

27  Active transport

28  How is active transport different from diffusion?

29  Moves substances from low to high concentration  Requires energy

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