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1 Modern Studies Blog AndrewsNationalModernStudies/ AndrewsNationalModernStudies/

2 What do I need to do when carrying out my investigation? I can research an appropriate Modern Studies topic or issue. I can collect relevant evidence from at least two different sources of different types. I can organise and use the information I can describe and explain some key features of my topic or issue I can apply my Modern Studies skills to my topic or issue I can present my findings

3 Topics to choose from 1. Democracy: Voting age in the UK 2. Social Issues: Scottish Government policies to improve health or wealth 3.International: Gun control in the USA You only need to choose one topic. Think carefully about what topic you want to do. You will need to justify your choice to your teacher.

4 Deadlines… By 23rd August – Title page plus aims and hypothesis written out. By 30th August – Background information/ context of investigation (why did I choose this topic?) to be written up. By 6th September – Aim 1 researched and written up. By 13th September – Aim 2 researched and written up.

5 Deadlines continued… By 20th September – Conclusion should be written, evaluation of the research methods written and bibliography completed. It is hoped that the investigations will be handed in on the 20th September however there are a few days leeway before the September weekend. The final write up will be done as follows – 4Ds – Period 1 on Tuesday 8th October, 4Cs Period 4 Tuesday 8th October.

6 Ways to present your findings 1. Front Cover2. Introduction Name Topic Picture Reasons why I picked my topic My Aims/ Purpose

7 3. Key Features of my topic Background information to the topic ( Topic: Voting Age in the UK) The 2014 Scottish Parliament Referendum will give young people who are aged 16-17 the chance to vote. Many people believe that this opportunity for young people to vote should be expanded to all elections. This has generated a lot of debate in the UK with some people arguing that 16 and 17 year olds are not mature enough to vote where others argue that they are just as interested in politics.

8 3. Key Features of my topic You need to show that you know and understand the main issues in your topic. Example: If you have chosen Poverty in the UK, you might want to describe evidence of poverty in the UK and why it is so hard for some to escape it. You are not expected to write a book on this- you only need to show that you are capable of looking at an issue and explain why it might have happened. You will get extra credit for explaining other points of view.

9 4. Displaying your results/ findings Aims 1+2: What I found out: Write in detail what you have found out about aim 1. Display your sources of information Include the sources that you have used. Sample of survey/ questionnaire/ copy of a letter that you have sent/ web page address/ book used Results of survey/ questionnaire in bar graph/ pie chart/ response from letter etc. Analysis of source- how good was this method in helping you? Write about the strengths and weaknesses of your methods.

10 5. My conclusion/ decisions Referring back to your original aims or purpose, what conclusions can you draw from your research? Decision Statement: This is where you tell the reader the outcome of your investigation. For e.g. From my findings I have found out that 16-17 year olds should be included in voting in elections. Reasons for coming to this decision: I have come to this conclusion because …(this is where you use your evidence gathered to support and explain your decision)

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