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Sporting & Recreational Aviation Presentation to Nigel Griffiths MP Gerald Howarth MP Lembit Öpik MP Lord David Trefgarne By Sir John Allison – President.

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1 Sporting & Recreational Aviation Presentation to Nigel Griffiths MP Gerald Howarth MP Lembit Öpik MP Lord David Trefgarne By Sir John Allison – President Europe Air Sports David Roberts – Treasurer EAS, BGA Roger Hopkinson – PFA, GA Alliance Paul Draper – PPL/IR Europe, GA Alliance 6 June 2005

2 Specific Themes/Current Issues Insurance - Historic aircraft - Burden on all sport & recreational flying CAA - Mixed empathy with Sporting & Recreational Aviation (S&R A) - Currently seen as biased to CAT - Need for S&R A representation - Need for “grass roots” review of regulatory structure for S&R A - Scope and detail of regulation - JRT Charges review (see later) UK Airspace changes (current list 14) - Increases in controlled areas - difficulty of access to and cost of regional airports EASA - Regulations burdensome - Maintenance costs increases Single Sky - Current & ongoing

3 Today's S&R A “Drivers” Changing World –Increases in Commercial activity (5%/7% pa ongoing) driving out S&R A –ICAO (CAT) standards and initiatives being applied to S&R A European Community (Harmonisation) –Single European Sky (SES) –European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Domestic Position –Government policy & DfT –CAA (pressure on mandate/existence) –Military requirements Domestic “management” of authority exchange not visible

4 Negative Drivers on UK S&R A – Slide 1 Poor relation in Transport policies –Not in Transport & Regional White Papers –Airfields under pressure –No recognition of “National Aviation Resource” Commercial pressures against S&R A (and GA) –Airlines (some, BA, Monarch) see GA as economic target despite pilot self funded entry now at 86% –Economic (S&R A has many small SME’s - £5.2 Bn t/o) –GA as business tool not seen (except @ election) S&R A poorly presented/understood –High proportion Recreation & Sporting –Educational & Social importance –Environmental

5 Negative Drivers on S&R A – Slide 2 Reactive not Proactive to Law/Regulation (esp. SES) –Not recognised in Single Sky Regulations – Not even recognised in initial CAA SES response –Consultation response often weak –European S&R A relatively passive –Lobby post NOT Involvement Pre –Organisations mostly run by unpaid volunteers Perception of a “Rich Mans Sport” –“They can pay” – says Sir Roy McNulty when briefing. –“If businesses fail so be it” - JRT.

6 Negative Drivers on UK S&R A – Slide 3 User Pays philosophy –Easy political response –Non recognition of “user” and who “affected” –Airspace & CAA not “designed” for S&R A –Change to “Beneficiary Pays” –Over regulated as CAA & Eurocontrol mainly run by/for CAT with no GA Board representation Relative discouragement –Cf. US FAA supports S&R A and economic benefit –Similarly France and other nations –Youth discouraged = industry dies –Suspect CAA “favours Commercial” eg UK Aviation Club

7 S&R A Current European issues Single European Sky Regulations 2004 –Framework, Airspace, Interoperability, Service Provision (very prescriptive) Common Requirements Charging Regulation Airspace Design SESAME EASA ( a lighter touch?) –Continuing Airworthiness –Maintenance Organisation Approvals –Certifying Staff –Training Organisation Requirements –Annex 2 (Important element for Sports aviation) Domestic (see later)

8 Joint Review Team The Domestic challenge CAA Charges

9 JRT Stated Objectives Consensus on impact of EASA on SRG Remove/minimise Charging Scheme cross subsidies Identify opportunities to increase efficiency Improve charges consultation Conclude for 2005/6 charges proposals “Underlying need to meet regulatory oversight balancing transparency, cost relatedness and equity”

10 JRT “Expectations” from First Draft £5.5M from >15 Ton AOC to < 15Ton –Heavy AOC benefit (Light AOC lose by £4.5M) –GA increase 60% (£1M) –Threat of additional EASA charges GA/S&R A Specific increases –Permit to fly +182% over 4 1/2 years –Display permit + 250% over 3 years –Design Approval +68% –Design Approval (Part 21 Subpart J) + 570% –Aerodrome charges lower end +124% Oxford £4K to £19K Small Licences £776 to £3,860 Lasham £0 to £4K

11 Failures/inconsistencies in first draft Failure in respect of Objectives –EASA cost evaluation not achieved –Few proposals on “cost efficiency” –Few/no proposals on deregulation –No improved consultancy/transparency No impact assessment –Negative on GA/S&R A (Economic, social etc) Cost allocation equity –Airline and Permit treated as one (£600 GAD Organisation/individual treated the same) –Safety driven by Commercial not GA/S&R A activity Would CAA be “as is” for S&R A if started today?

12 S&R A JRT Response (Slide 1) Representation inadequacy –Broader representation refused Level Playing field inequality –Fuel tax –Overall comparative costs UK/elsewhere –Analysis of beneficiary ie. cost, proportionality & Equity –Safety should be based on use = seats/km Press for reduced regulation

13 GA/S&R A JRT Response (Slide 2) Consultation Failure & Inequity –Moral & Legal Social & Economic obligations (no impact statement and objectives achievement review) –Requirements of Sponsorship Statement –Cabinet Office Principles of good regulation –ANO Regulation 6 (part 11), Authority conduct –Judicial Review (CAA regs1991) –Parliamentary Inquiry into CAA Finances

14 In summary what does S&R A wish to see? Regulation on a more appropriate & lower cost basis The automatic inclusion of S&R A within UK & European Transport Policies Policies that reflect S&R A’s value to the long term economy Recognition that GA/S&R A is a valuable business tool and recreation resource Adequate and equitable access to airspace and airports UK Government commitment to full consultation both for internal UK matters and when formulating the UK’s position on European matters seek fair and proper GA/S&R A representation on the relevant UK and European Boards A fair and level playing field when considering costs, charges and taxation

15 Back up Information

16 UK Aircraft Disposition Total 22,777 Excl. Circa 1000 “N” Reg Incl Circa C of A 1000 CAT

17 UK Pilots Total 61,106 Many professional also fly S&R A types

18 Comparative Costs Typical operating costs for C150/DR400 in:- UK Switzerland France Sweden Canada Australia USA

19 Some Specifics Insurance Mode S Transponders 8.33 KHz spacing below FL 195 UK Airspace changes (current list 14) Detection & Recognition ATC outside controlled airspace UAV consultation Mandatory ELT& survival equipment EASA & Mtce / DOA approval UK resident “N” registration & FAA licences Instrument Approach - transfer to Industry GPS Approaches Airport security proposals for light aircraft

20 Proposes legislation European Union - Structure Commission CouncilParliament CitizensStates Approves/ Supervises Appoints Co-decision EU Law

21 Single European Sky - UK Input Commission DfT MOD FCO Cabinet Office CAA DAP,SRG,ERG,Legal NATS SES SG EAPC Single Sky Committee Chaired by CION 2 Reps per State Eurocontrol (obs) ICB SES WG DAP SRG ERG Legal

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