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The Science is Right! Come on down with Dr. Tony Tony Liversidge, Edge Hill.

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2 The Science is Right! Come on down with Dr. Tony Tony Liversidge, Edge Hill

3 Gone in 10 Seconds The three states of matter are? Pressure = Force/? The alveoli in your lungs have a surface area roughly equal to? The names of all the stars in the universe are?

4 Guess the Question Here are the answers, now what are the questions? A magnetA magnet Igneous rocksIgneous rocks Hot air baboonHot air baboon

5 Big Brother Your task today is to try and assemble the equipment correctly and safely before the other teams do. If you fail your task you will have to do 2 hours of maths homework every night for the rest of your life…….

6 Crack the Code Your mission is to put the following steps into the right sequence in order to carry out the experiment. This OHT will self destruct in 5 minutes … 1.Examine what you are left with 2.Pour the ground up rock salt into a half full 250 ml beaker of water 3.Heat the basin on a tripod using a Bunsen burner to evaporate all the water 4.Put one large spatula full of rock salt into a mortar and grind it up using a pestle 5.Set up a filter funnel with filter paper in a clamp and stand over an evaporating dish 6.Stir for 3 minutes with a glass rod 7.Filter the contents of the beaker through the funnel and into the evaporating basin

7 Fast Talker How many of the following can you say in 30 seconds? Types of energyTypes of energy Chemical elementsChemical elements Organs in the human bodyOrgans in the human body

8 What am I? You have to try and guess what I am in as few questions as possible. I can only answer YES or NO! An electric motorAn electric motor Crude oilCrude oil A kidneyA kidney

9 Mnemonics EM SpectrumEM Spectrum (radio, micro, IR, visible, UV, X, gamma) Passage of light through the eyePassage of light through the eye (conjunctiva, cornea, aqueous humour, pupil, lens, vitreous humour, retina) Fractions in crude oilFractions in crude oil (bitumen, fuel oil, diesel oil, paraffin, petrol, refinery gas)

10 Tip of my Tongue What am I going to say next? The distance it takes to stop a car depends on ……The distance it takes to stop a car depends on …… The three main phases in the evolution of the atmosphere are ……The three main phases in the evolution of the atmosphere are …… After swallowing a bolus of food ……

11 Play Your pH Right Look at the bottles/tins/cans of household substances in a row and try and say whether the next substance has a pH which is higher or lower or the same than the previous one.

12 Beginning with the letter A plant An animal An element A piece of scientific equipment A form of energy An organ A planet, star or constellation

13 Creativity Test Can you think of alternative uses for the scientific equipment shown?

14 FiltrationUrethra ReabsorptionUrea WaterCarbon dioxide EvaporationUrine LungBladder SweatNephron KidneyAlveoli Concept Links

15 Longest Word What is the longest word that you can make using only chemical element symbols?

16 Professionalism

17 Chemical Badges You all have a badge with an element on it. You need to join with others to make the following chemicals: Sulphuric acid Glucose The largest molecule that you can!

18 What Does it Mean? Can you match the graph to the container? Lenton, Stevens and Illes (2000) SSR 82 (299)

19 Change the Words Change one word in each of the following sentences so that it is scientifically correct: 1.When an alkali metal like sodium reacts with cold water it produces oxygen 2.Glucagon converts glucose to glycogen 3.Alpha particles are electrons

20 Countdown Who can make the longest scientific word from the letters given? N E E R T F I L C O Y T A E R I N S D E M E V E S T D I I G

21 Beat the Clock You will be competing against other teams and will be asked a series of questions. If you get a question correct you will be given ONE part of a science equation which you need to stick onto the board. When you have answered all the questions correctly you will have all the parts of the equation and you will then need to rearrange these parts into the right order. The team to do this correctly in the shortest time wins!

22 Whose Bag is this? See if you can guess which famous scientist owned the bag from the objects in it. Newton Mendel Hodgkin

23 Whose Bag is This? Prism Apple Cradle Newton Cross Tin of peas Pair of jeans Mendel B Vitamins Penicillin Pancreas Dorothy Hodgkin

24 How Many Words? How many other words can you make from the following scientific ones? TransparentOxidationReproduction

25 Loopy Links Can you make up a loopy link for the following? Why is a proton like a slice of bread? Why is an enzyme like a star? Why is a microwave like a dustbin?


27 Slap Board Slap the correct answer on the board before your opponent does!

28 What Happens Next? Use your scientific knowledge to predict what will happen next……

29 Family Fortunes (1) We asked 100 year 8 pupils to name 5 body systems Digestive65% Blood 50% Nervous45% Reproductive30% Excretory19%

30 Family Fortunes (2) We asked 100 year 11 pupils to name 5 chemicals beginning with the letter S Sodium80% Sulphur55% Silver45% Silicon 44% Strontium27%

31 Odd One Out Newton, Faraday, Einstein, Curie Einstein, Newton, America, Neptune Football, Bomb, DNA, X-Ray

32 Take Your Pick Pick a numbered box for a question: 13 1 23 456 78910

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