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DSE – beyond the basics Presented by Cate Adamson.

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1 DSE – beyond the basics Presented by Cate Adamson

2 The Session Recap of the Display Screen Equipment regulations Common problems in the office Current issues – Dual/Touch screens – Home/ mobile workers – Laptops – Hot desking Back to basics for the future?

3 What do the DSE regulations require RegulationRequirement 1 Defines the terms, DSE, user, operator and workstation 2 Requires employers to analyse users’ and operators’ workstations for risks 3 Requires employers to ensure that users’ and operators’ workstations meet the requirements as outlined in the schedule 4 Requires employers to design users’ daily work routine in such a way that their workload at the display screen equipment is reduced by either changes in activity or periodic breaks 5 Requires employers to provide users who request it, with an eye sight test; and to provide those users whose vision needs to be corrected for DSE work with appropriate spectacles 6 Requires employers to provide health and safety training for users 7 Requires employers to provide users and operators with information on all aspects of health and safety relating to their workstation, and on measures taken to comply with the Regulations

4 What do we generally do? Display Screen Equipment risk assessments in the office Provision of information at induction Provision of good standard workstations Providing a system for eyesight testing Making changes if problems are reported Allow poor work practises?

5 What more would make a difference! Correct work practises, we need to consider how people work and plan how to get people moving whilst at work. Ensuring people take ownership of how to work, layout, movement and early reporting of concerns especially if not working in the office etc.. Providing suitable equipment and training for the people to do their jobs well

6 Possible effects when we do not get it right Common Health Effects – Musculoskeletal Disorders – Eye and Eyesight Effects – Fatigue and Stress Loss of productivity Reduced employee satisfaction Manager frustration

7 Main Problems Physically People are adaptable and long term physical adaption leads to problems and our sedentary life styles Emotionally Competing priorities- it is not important until it hurts! People struggle with investment now for tomorrow Managerially Competing priorities, work patterns shifting Inexperienced managers

8 Common reasons for musculoskeletal problems Equipment lacks adjustment to accommodate users particular needs Poor basic workstation set up Poor chair set up Poor work design and lack of variation of tasks Lack of self responsibility Underlying poor musculoskeletal health which work activities may aggravate

9 Current Situation Problems related to computer usage are not going away but seem to be evolving. Traditional RSI appears to be reducing and being replaced by physical static loading problems and pressure related issues These issues, if not controlled, will reduce the possible productive improvements which could be gained by technology

10 Work situations Traditional varied office work in decline being replaced by: Contact centre work Home working Consultants on clients sites Hot desking Flexible working

11 Basic set up in offices- still problems Screen height/tilt/distance Mouse and keyboard placement Lighting Activity and breaks Chair/desk set up

12 Current issues Dual/multi screen Other devices/touch screens Home/ mobile workers Hot desking

13 Touch screens

14 Tablet Advice

15 Home/mobile working

16 Laptops – Discussed in the Display Screen Equipment guidance – Same principles apply

17 Laptop Advice

18 Portable Communication Device Advice

19 Hotdesking

20 Hot desking and shared workstations Increasingly popular to improve space usage Usually poorly managed, one size does not fit all! Issues relatively easily rectified with adjustable workstations and chairs

21 If everyone understands the simple basic principles, we would save time, money and discomfort

22 Workstation Exercises

23 Summary Display Screen Equipment regulations published 21 years ago Problems seem to be evolving New technology and ways of working is throwing up challenges Need to review what we doing to safe guard the health and productivity of our employees?

24 Thank you 07500 085516

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