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Secrets of Selling to Big Businesses “If I can do it – so can you!” David Cuthbertson Managing Director AssetGen Ltd & Square Mile Systems Ltd

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1 Secrets of Selling to Big Businesses “If I can do it – so can you!” David Cuthbertson Managing Director AssetGen Ltd & Square Mile Systems Ltd

2 © AssetGen Limited 2 Business Overview Fixed Infrastructure (Cabling, Power, Cabinets, Rooms, Buildings) Hardware Infrastructure PCs, Network, Servers, UPS, Storage, Other Virtual Infrastructure PCs, Network, Servers, Storage, DBMS Applications PC, server, mainframe, SOA Services End user, infrastructure, supplier Business Processes Departmental, Company UK based – Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK AssetGen (t/o 250K)– Software (1.5) Square Mile Systems (t/o 500K)- Services (2.5) Develop software and techniques to document IT systems and map dependencies. Services covering training, project planning, integration, data capture, process development. Customers MasterCard, Lloyds Banking, USMC, BNP Paribas, Blue Cross, BT, Barclays, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, ICM/Phoenix, COLT, NFU, Detesad + many others UK, Holland, Brazil, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France Largest single order - 220K Largest quote - 950K Previously Grew 2 IT businesses - sold in 2004

3 The Business Problem We Address 1.Update asset/inventory list 2.Update rack diagrams 3.Update network patching records 4.Update switch port usage and capacity 5.Update floor plan rack capacity 6.Update power usage spreadsheet(s) 7.Update storage / backup system documentation 8.Update systems architecture documentation 9.Update DR lists and documents 10.Update maintenance records 11.Update billing and charging data 12.Update project documentation with the “as built” details What should be updated with a rack, server or network change? The larger the environment – the more there is….

4 The Problem/Opportunity Of Big Customers Problems Reduce supplier base Safety in a brand name Identifying decision maker IT industry unaware of own costs Time to hand hold, manage Use of outsource partners Understanding politics / timing Cultural issues and timescales Opportunities Bigger orders and getting paid Ongoing revenue Product development IT departments purchasing approach Service requirements Use of outsource partners Any organisation >100 servers Constant change in individual roles © AssetGen Limited 4 Internal Challenges Limited skills Limited resources No brand

5 1. Let Customers Grow Your Business Once initial order has placed, order value will double within 2-3 years. MasterCard - US –2007 software, 2010 services, 2011 upgrade to cover all global data centers, DR sites BNP Paribas - UK, France –2009 software, 2011, 2012 services Lloyds Bank – UK –2008/9 Services, 2010 software (document 42K servers) ICM/Phoenix – UK –2009 Software, 2010 services and upgrade Blue Cross Blue Shield - US –2011 software and services (onsite in Chicago) Hill Dickinson – UK –2011 Software, 2012 services (UK IT audit) © AssetGen Limited 5

6 2. Finding New Customers Have a multiple layered approach to marketing –Establish thought leadership –Mix of web, video, seminar, conference, exhibition, linkedin –Initial awareness and to support customer champions internal marketing Let prospects educate themselves about our products/services –Videos, webcasts, seminars –Evaluation, downloads - free/onrequest Assume most incoming enquiries are research only Keep touch with champions as they move role – could be the next order © AssetGen Limited 6

7 The Sales/Marketing Funnel © AssetGen Limited 7 Order Website Seminar Conference Webcast Meeting(s) Proposal/Quotation Exhibitions BCS Specialist Groups LinkedIn Demo Word of Mouth Aim: To spend quality time with real prospects and customers. What really works well for us: 1.Seminar 2.Product videos 3.LinkedIn Evaluation

8 Typical Process © AssetGen Limited 8 1.Identify event/timescale for an idea/message 2.Create / reuse content and make people aware –Email customer database –Update website –Use webcast channel(s) 3.Monitor results on videos/enquiries –Some within 5 minutes of event For example. Webcast with Canadian partner 2 nd October “Making Data Center Migration and Consolidation Projects Easier To Manage” and linkedin

9 So A Few Secrets…. © AssetGen Limited 9 1.You can’t sell to a big business if you are small, you can only really sell to individuals - so creating and maintaining many relationships is key. 2.Let the internet do work for you –Use LinkedIn, Facebook to allow customers to research “you” –A web site that doesn’t put people off –Create content that helps establish thought leadership –Videos, webcasts let people hear you - perception of character 3.Have confidence in yourself –When to say no or step back from a sales process –Next week there will be more opportunity, cherry pick the good ones

10 © AssetGen Limited 10 That’s where will our next order could come from?

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