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THE FURTHER MATHEMATICS NETWORK Initial FMC Manager Training Course Introductions.

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2 THE FURTHER MATHEMATICS NETWORK Initial FMC Manager Training Course Introductions

3 There are 6 members of the Central Team Central Team

4 The purposes of the Central Team are: To set up the national Further Mathematics Network To provide strategic management of the Network as a whole To do all it can to support the Further Mathematics Centres Central Team

5 About the Network THE FURTHER MATHEMATICS NETWORK Initial FMC Manager Training Course

6 Background 2004 results 2005 results about the network 2004 results2005 resultsabout the network Mission Statement Organisation Organisation Chart Organisation Chart The Further Mathematics Network

7 To establish provision for Further Mathematics that will enable all schools and colleges in its area to offer Further Mathematics tuition to their students. To ensure that every student studying in a school or college in its area, who would benefit from a Further Mathematics qualification, can study Further Mathematics, either through their own school/college or through the Centre (or a mixture of both). The Functions of a Further Mathematics Centre

8 To promote Mathematics to all young people in its area, with a view to increasing the uptake of Mathematics and Further Mathematics at AS and A-level and Mathematics and mathematics-related subjects (Engineering, Sciences, etc.) at university. To support the CPD of teachers in its region, to enable more to have the knowledge and confidence required to teach Further Mathematics The Functions of a Further Mathematics Centre

9 To provide assistance and support to teachers in schools and colleges in its area who are delivering Further Mathematics in-house. To forge links between schools, colleges and Higher Education Institutions in its area that will facilitate, improve and extend the local Further Mathematics provision. The Functions of a Further Mathematics Centre

10 How is a Further Mathematics Centre Organised? collaboration collaboration Key principles of a Further Mathematics Centre key principles key principles What is a Further Mathematics Centre?

11 This shows the 47 local LSC areas which are split into 9 regions. There will be roughly one Further Mathematics Centre for each local LSC area. Progress so far 24 FM Centres are already up and running. 11 more are starting this term. The rest are expected to start during 2006

12 Much of this training course is concerned with administration We are trying to make this as simple as we can and give you as much support as we can Each FM Centre must be accountable, both academically and financially We need effective administration to demonstrate our success Administration of a Further Mathematics Centre

13 CambridgeshireRL Cornwall & West DevonSdP County DurhamTB Coventry and WarwickshireRL Greater MerseysideRL Hampshire & Isle of WightSdP Herefordshire and WorcestershireRL KeeleRL Kent and MedwayCS LincolnshireSdP London CentresCS OxfordshireRL SomersetSdP Staffordshire and ShropshireRL Tyne and WearTB FM Centre Coordinators




17 Judi Movassaghi Birmingham Further Mathematics Centre Manager Dr Richard Lissaman Deputy Programme Leader The Further Mathematics Network

18 Launching your FM Centre THE FURTHER MATHEMATICS NETWORK Initial FMC Manager Training Course

19 Promoting Further Mathematics and Your Further Mathematics Centre Be aware of the very powerful reasons why a Further Mathematics provision is in the interests of students, heads of school/college mathematics departments and senior school/college management. Be familiar with the particular features of provision of Further Mathematics tuition through a Further Mathematics Centre that will appeal to each of these groups.

20 Launch Letter – Registering Schools and Announcing the Services of the Centre Follow up Phone Calls/Visits/Meetings to Discuss Tuition Arrangements/services Firming up Tuition Arrangements – speaking to School Management and Finance Departments regarding fees Agreement - Written confirmation of tuition and invoicing arrangements Launching your Further Mathematics Centre and Recruiting Your First Cohort of Students

21 Students’ Learning General Tutoring Principles Resources available to Students and Tutors Student Feedback and Feedback to Schools/Colleges Revision Days

22 Launching the Birmingham Further Mathematics Centre Judi Movassaghi

23 Management Committee Richard Lissaman (FM Network) Judi Movassaghi (Manager) Andrew Rogers (KE Camp Hill Boys) Deryk Osthus (B’ham University) Gill Moss (Head of Mathematics) Geoff Fowler (B’ham LEA Maths Advisor) Student representative

24 Mail Shot in June 2005 150+ letters sent out to all Birmingham Secondary Schools as follows: Invitation to Launch Event in June Reply slip / e-mail option Leaflet: Some Questions Answered Questionnaire Two replies, so 100+ telephone calls to schools with Sixth Forms

25 Launch Event in June 2005 Refreshments Welcome (V-P of Cadbury College) Introduction (Head of Mathematics) Further Mathematics Network (Richard Lissaman) Birmingham Centre (Judi Movassaghi and Andrew Rogers) Question time

26 Pack for Delegates Programme List of institutions and delegates Questionnaire Copy of my Powerpoint presentation Shiny red brochure from FM Network All contained in a FM Network folder

27 Recruitment from June to September Letters to all Heads of Mathematics who attended the Launch Event Letters to others who asked to be kept on the mailing list Appointments made for September confirmed by telephone in September Visits in early September to schools with prospective students

28 Organisation before September Room, furniture, text books IT equipment Minibus Web access Copying resources Keeping contact with schools

29 Getting Started in September 14 students (9 now) from 3 schools to Cadbury College on a Wednesday afternoon 8 students (5 now) at a school six miles away after school on a Thursday 6 students (5 now) at a school on the North side of the city on a Wednesday

30 Work Space Sizeable office provided Furniture and equipment bought Desk, cupboards, filing cabinet Computer chair Small easy chairs Noticeboard and whiteboard Computer, printer Telephone and fax machine

31 Administration Database Time-consuming and frustrating Telephone calls to schools to collect extra data Telephone calls to Janice and Alyson (could not face 83 page manual) Invoice problem – needed one little tick

32 Finances Order and Requisition Book Signing invoices when order arrives Photocopy Statement from Cadbury College Finance Director each month Enter items on database after receipt of monthly statement

33 Problems with Students and Schools Students Attendance (2 poor in 20) Lack of homework Schools Misunderstanding about finance Interest from a school in a different LEA

34 Negatives Anxiety over Database (my ignorance) Getting to grips with Finance (ditto) Limited contact time with the students Anxiety over the outcome of next Monday’s Decision 1 examination Lots of new modules to learn in a short space of time: FP1, FP2, NM

35 Positives Chance to start the centre from scratch Very satisfying to be in charge of my own decisions Daily enjoyment of making progress Opportunity to view the wider world Support without compare from the Further Mathematics Network Team


37 Janice Richards National Administrator The Further Mathematics Network

38 Introduction to the Administration Database FM Centre Database V1.2 (Training 20Jan06).mdb THE FURTHER MATHEMATICS NETWORK Initial FMC Manager Training Course


40 The Further Mathematics Network Dr Richard Lissaman Janice Richards National Adminstrator Deputy Programme Leader

41 The Administration Cycle Annual Cycle diagrams (with links).pdf FM Centre Database V1.2 (Training 20Jan06).mdb THE FURTHER MATHEMATICS NETWORK Initial FMC Manager Training Course


43 Financial Manager Dave Griffiths The Further Mathematics Network

44 Important! If you have not already done so, once your Funding agreement has been signed off, you should invoice MEI for the first tranche of funding, making it clear who to make the cheque payable to.

45 Financial record keeping THE FURTHER MATHEMATICS NETWORK Initial FMC Manager Training Course

46 Financial Record Keeping Fund Holder responsibilities Need for basic record maintenance Check of monthly balances Allocate income to one of two sources Allocate expenditure to one of eight cost centres

47 Financial Record Keeping INCOME: –From MEI –From Other Sources

48 Financial Record Keeping EXPENDITURE –FM Centre Manager –Equipment –Tutoring –Transport –Administration Support –Publicity –Consultancy –Office Overheads, Textbooks and Consumables

49 Financial Record Keeping Database Monthly Return Account Summary-end of each term Tuition Invoices – Invoice arrangements E.G. 2 Insurance – other LEA’s/Revision days Contact with Finance Department VAT status Delegated expenditure authority Monthly summary

50 Financial Record Keeping – Recording Transactions Database Main Menu Data Entry Screen


52 Janice Richards National Administrator The Further Mathematics Network

53 Getting up and running with your database THE FURTHER MATHEMATICS NETWORK Initial FMC Manager Training Course

54 Operating Requirements Windows XP Professional Microsoft Office 2003 Microsoft Access 2003 Microsoft Outlook 2003 Broadband internet connection A Personal Computer capable of using this software/internet connection effectively

55 Operating options Option 1 FM Centre’s database is held on a central server and accessed via an internet link.  This requires a reliable internet connection but has the advantage that your data can be accessed by more than one user.  This is the best option for FM Centres with more than one Manager.

56 Operating options Option 2 The FM Centre’s database is held locally on the FMC Manager’s pc or local network.  At the end of each session a copy of the data is automatically sent to the central server.  This is the best option if your internet connection is not reliable.

57 Operating options The National Team will help you to decide which method best matches your circumstances.

58 Release plans The Administration Database has already been released to established Centres. The database for your Centre is ready for release to you, and will be issued by the end of next week.

59 Initial operation Until end of this term FM Centres will all be operating on a local copy of the database (i.e. not linked to the central server).  Centres will need to e-mail a copy of their database to the National Administrator at the end of each month.  Please zip the database before you send it to us.  Remember to take regular backups.

60 Integrated operation From the start of the Summer term 2006 we aim to begin the process of connecting the FMC Centre databases to a central server.  Your data will be regularly backed up and available to help us support you.  The data we need for financial and statistical analysis will be extracted into a National Administration Database.  The process will be automated; no need to send us data or returns.

61 Installing the system You will be sent a zipped version of your centre’s database with full instructions on how to install it.  You will need to keep the database in an appropriate place on your network, or local hard drive.  You will then need to enter details about your Further Maths Centre.

62 The Further Maths Centre record Exercise 7

63 Data take-on Data provided by the National Centre (Modules, Awarding Bodies, Awards, LEAs)  Add records in the order that the options appear on the menus.  The National Centre may be able import existing records from another database or spreadsheet.

64 Support If you have a problem please refer to the User Guide in the first instance. If you still need help please contact: Janice Richards Tel: 01225 774777 Dave Griffiths Tel: 01225 774274

65 Reporting issues If the database needs to be changed we will raise a work request.  We will give you a reference number so that you can track its progress.  Please provide as much information as possible (see User Guide).  Let us know your suggestions for improvements, as well as any problems.

66 New releases From time to time we will release new versions of the system to fix problems and improve the functionality.  Full instructions will be provided.  Versions will be numbered (e.g. Version 2.3)  ‘What’s new’ documentation will provide details of the changes that have been made.

67 Getting more from your database Using the database window Support Upgrade issues Recommended books Training courses


69 Online learning and I.T. coordinator Tom Button The Further Mathematics Network Programme Leader Charlie Stripp

70 Online resources and the Further Mathematics Network website THE FURTHER MATHEMATICS NETWORK Initial FMC Manager Training Course





75 Dr Richard Lissaman Deputy Programme Leader The Further Mathematics Network Sue de Pomerai Assistant Programme Leader

76 FM Centres – Final Points & Being a Part of the FM Network THE FURTHER MATHEMATICS NETWORK Initial FMC Manager Training Course

77 Further Mathematics Centre Final Points Local Finance and Local Technical Support Decisions that must be made at a local level Items which can be ordered from the FM Network Office

78 Next Steps You should update your Centre details on the FM Network website. If your Centre is sharing the manager role, you must nominate a main contact and let us know. You should provide Janice with details for your Centre Manager business cards.

79 Next Steps During this term you should arrange your first Management Committee meeting. Please liaise with your nominated member of the Central team. We will release an admin database to you by the end of next week. We will send you a start-up stationery pack once your Funding Agreement has been finalised.

80 Working as a Network Keep in regular contact with your nominated representative on the Central Team Check the Managers’ area of regularly for updates and announcements. Keep in regular contact with other Centre Managers using

81 Working as a Network Share resources and good practice using the website Work closely with neighbouring Centre Managers and attend regional meetings Let us know of any problems you are having – we will do our best to help you resolve them Let us know your successes!

82 Conclusion The major role of the Central Team is to support you. For admin/finance issues, contact Dave Griffiths or Janice Richards in the MEI Office. For advice on management and academic issues, please contact your nominated member of the MEI team (Charlie, Richard, Sue or Tom). Leave messages with Janice/Dave if your nominated person is unavailable.

83 Final Points Enjoy this exciting opportunity Enjoy making a difference to young peoples’ lives GOOD LUCK!

84 Any Questions?


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