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Sharon Davies, HCPA Director of Business & Workforce Development.

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1 Sharon Davies, HCPA Director of Business & Workforce Development

2 Will want to hear from your stakeholders how you are doing. If you continue to stay stuck in the 90s and believe a training matrix with boxes ticked will be sufficient, you are seriously deluding yourself Welcome to the new world of DEVELOPING staff

3 There are 3 things you should be doing if you want to ensure training is not a tick box exercise in your organisation 1. Fully understand your business, what is currently going on and where you will need to be in 1-3 years time 2. Book training that meets the needs of your business – asking the right questions and getting what is really needed 3. Check your training did what it said on the tin – was it value for money, did it make a difference to your business?

4 How do you get your staff to provide quality? Be aware of what training your staff actually need Understand how your customer care culture will make a difference to your marketing Ensure your staff feel valued and respected Capture the outcomes on a daily basis Consider booking senior staff on Leading & Recognising Excellence in Care OCN Level 3 accredited qualification ~fully funded

5 What is Mandatory Training? Mandatory training is the training your staff needs to meet the needs of your service users What therefore is Mandatory for you? (clue:I refer you back to understanding how your business will change and what market you are aiming your services at)

6 To develop a strong staff team you will need to look at 3 areas 1. Knowledge = training/learning 2. Confidence = mentoring/shadowing 3. Competence = observations of practice Remember it is easy to show an inspector a certificate – it is much harder to show some mentoring or other learning has taken place...think about how you capture the evidence

7 Who in your organisation has responsibility for managing the training of your staff? Is your training giving your staff what they need? Are your staff fed up with refreshers? Our network of Learning Champions is ever growing and is really making a difference in you have a Learning Champion?

8 Value your staff by giving them specialist skills...and they dont have to be a senior Build a structure where you have champions in all areas of care Use team meetings to share information Make proper use of supervisions and appraisals to find out when mentoring from your champions could be useful – again if this is a tick box exercise, you are simply wasting your money...make every minute spent with staff count.

9 Lets think about development interventions available in Hertfordshire QCF units are funded – pick these carefully with your training providers Tailored training from External Training Providers Open Courses Short Qualifications Distance Bite Sized Learning through SCILS HCPA qualifications eg Learning Champions, Activities, Leading & Recognising Excellence in Care HCPA building better teams Ladder to the Moon Activities programmes E-learning – HCC, SCIE etc Conversion courses to Personal Assistants and Inductions

10 Have you thought about becoming an HCPA Approved INTERNAL Training Provider? Did you know you could draw down funding for staff you train yourself (if you do it well) Use internal trainers for induction and regular courses, use HCPA Approved External Training Providers to provide you with training from EXPERTS in their fields

11 Why not become an approved centre with one of the Awarding Bodies This will enable you to have more control Staff can be assessed doing the real job on a regular basis

12 Understanding your business and what may happen, ensuring your staff are fully equipped to deal with service users with knowledge, competence and confidence = A service that people will you want them to CHOOSE YOU?

13 I never again want to hear these words What training do I have to have

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