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Unwrapping the Cotton Wool Kids in North Lanarkshire.

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1 Unwrapping the Cotton Wool Kids in North Lanarkshire

2 Long term investment to reap rewards for our youngest children

3 2004-7 NOF –Access, Fencing, Storage. 45 Settings-3,000 children. Ongoing funded programme. 2005 - Forest School Awareness Raising 2005-7 – N.O.F.-Living Classroom-coaching in context 107 settings. Nurseries, Childminders, Drop in Centres. 2005 -January Conference- Mindstretchers Palacerigg Country Park. (first of many!) 2005- Lets Get Out - 3 year Project. Resources, training and conferences. (Mindstretchers, Grounds for Learning)

4 `Lets Get Out’ Next Steps NLC Forest Kindergarten Outdoor Champions Using Lanarkshire` s Industrial Heritage- Summerlee Using a Forest School approach to outings-DVD Risk Assessments Clothing for staff and children Audit and DVD

5 Where We Are Now 2012 -13 Investment Settings- Access to Natural Environments. Outdoor specification for new settings. Benefit Risk Assessments Peer Support and Collaboration-CFE Group Education Scotland Outdoor Food Hygiene & First Aid Disseminate Research DVD `If You Go Down To The Woods ’

6 Outdoors Blog-`Lets Get Out` CPD Central Glow Teaching in Nature-SNH Forest Kindergarten Training- Forestry Commission Forest School Cluster FEI `More Than` Outdoor Shelters Learning Rounds-Global Citizenship. Birth to Three Training Brilliance of a Boulder and Terrific Tree Trunks training.

7 Developing Forest Kindergartens One Day Taster Sessions Three Day Course Supplementary Courses Level Three Forest School Leader

8 We will continue our journey by…… Sustaining and developing partnerships based on mutual respect, shared goals and a commitment to increasing opportunities for children to embrace risk and challenge and become confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

9 And all of this helps in………… Unwrapping the Cotton Wool Kids in North Lanarkshire!

10 Forest School

11 Forest School – A school in the forest ?

12 Forest School Outcomes Confidence Social Skills Language & Communication Motivation & Concentration Physical skills Knowledge & Understanding New Perspectives Ripple Effects

13 Motivation and Concentration It was brilliant, I got to use a saw…by myself to cut wood for the den.

14 Knowledge and Understanding A picture of my proudest achievement

15 New Perspectives

16 Ripple Effects

17 TRAINING Level 1 – Introduction to Forest School Level 2 – Forest School Assistants Award Level 3 – Forest School Practitioners Award

18 Level 1 – Introduction to Forest School 2 days training (Module 1), complete workbook Observe Forest School Session Write up Observations Target – Management, occasional helpers

19 Level 2 – Assistants Award 4 days training (Module 1 & 2) Assist on 3 sessions 2 workbooks and essay based question to complete Entry requirements:- –Over 18 –Experience of working with client group

20 Level 3 – Practitioners Award 9 days training (modules 1-5) plus 2 day first aid in the outdoors Deliver 6 sessions Complete coursework portfolio ( minimum of 110 hours of self study – 3 workbooks, handbook & essay based questions) Entry Requirements –Over 21 –Relevant qualification for client group –Be leading group activities with client group

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