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The UK MAB Committee Andy Swash (Chairman, UK MAB Committee)

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1 The UK MAB Committee Andy Swash (Chairman, UK MAB Committee)

2 Outline of presentation Terms of reference of the UK MAB Committee. Organisations represented on the UK MAB Committee. Recent initiatives. The nomination process.

3 Terms of reference To provide a UK focal point for UNESCO MAB Programme. Maintain liaison with MAB Secretariat in Paris and EUROMAB, and as appropriate MAB national committees in other countries. Maintain links with other relevant UK structures (e.g. UK Biodiversity Partnership, UK National Ramsar Committee, UK IUCN Committee and UK MAB Urban Forum).

4 Terms of reference Raise awareness of, and interest in, the current UK approaches to enhancing biodiversity and sustainable development in BRs. Promote the UNESCO MAB concerns for: –Conservation of biological diversity; –Promotion of sustainable development; and –Development of human and institutional capacity to cope with environment/development issues, identifying where UK MAB can undertake its own programmes and influence/add value to other relevant UK initiatives.

5 Terms of reference Maintain oversight of UK BRs and the BR Periodic Review process (next due 2007). Guide and support the work of UK BRs and facilitate links between them and with BRs in other countries.

6 Organisations represented Defra (chair and secretariat) Countryside Agency Countryside Council for Wales English Nature Forestry Commission Centre for Mountain Studies Northern Devon Coast and Countryside Service Royal Geographic Society Scottish Executive Scottish Natural Heritage UK MAB Urban Forum Wildlife & Countryside Link World Conservation Monitoring Centre

7 Recent initiatives Revised terms of reference for UK MAB Committee. Developing links with other UK policy initiatives – e.g Ecosystem Approach; UK Biodiversity Action Plan. More frequent meetings. Biosphere Reserves Brochure.

8 The Process Local consultation – could be done by any organisation but should have support of NAW at Assembly level. Local generation of application (again must have NAW support). NAW makes formal proposal to UK MAB Committee. UK MAB assesses application and when satisfied submits recommendation to Defra (SoS). Application, with SoS endorsement, goes to UK Permanent Delegation at UNESCO (Foreign Office). Then presented to UNESCO MAB Advisory Committee. Then goes to UNESCO MAB International Coordinating Committee for formal designation.

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