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Grown up Education: An insight into the experiences of Hampshire adults in lifelong learning Dr Jamie Mackay Jo Parrish

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1 Grown up Education: An insight into the experiences of Hampshire adults in lifelong learning Dr Jamie Mackay Jo Parrish

2 2 Contents Introduction Learner profile Methodology & Reporting Approach Results Conclusion Discussion & Q&A

3 3 Introduction Southampton Solent University (SSU) and Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) have collaborated on a piece of research which is designed to investigate the key factors that motivate adult learners The importance of the adult learner is evident in much of the research related to the adult learner including the recent report released by NIACE in May this year Hence it is clear that there is a growing cohort of mature students which will be important to engage with

4 4 Methodology This research took the form of a questionnaire which was completed by a total of 428 BCOT adult learners (those aged 18 plus) studying on both part time and full time, level 2 and level 3 courses. In particular the research was designed to gather data on: Goals and objectives Interest in progression Awareness of opportunities. A paper questionnaire was distributed during the Spring term from March – May 2010 by tutors who taught adult learners

5 5 Learner Profile Overview of learners: Participants were asked their: – Age – Gender – Course(s) studying and study mode – Educational / employment history – Highest qualification achieved to date – Previous experiences of university

6 6 Participants 428 adult learners: Age: Majority (27%) aged 19-25; Range 18(n=2) – 61+(n=3) Gender: Predominantly female (  : 43%  :57%) Study mode: Part-time (65%) | Full-time (23%) Status% Employed85.5% Unemployed4.4% Studying4.2% Looking after dependents3.2% Other2.5% Retired0.2%

7 7 Participants contd. Course QualificationLevel% NVQ 3325.2% NVQ 2224.3% City & Guilds Award28.4% Access to HE36.5% BTEC National Certificate36.3% BTEC National Diploma35.8% BTEC First Diploma25.4% Undisclosed2 or 34.0% Teaching certificates (CTLLS or PTLLS)3 or 43.7% Current course:

8 8 Highest educational Qualification Qualification% GCSE/GCE O’level33.2% NVQ29.7% AS/A216.8% City & Guilds16.6% BTEC10.7% Apprenticeship6.8% Degree6.3% Masters Degree1.9% No current qual’s3.0%

9 9 Personal experiences of university Have you had any personal experiences of university or have you participated in any university events (e.g. Attended a Taster Day at university, attended a university lecture/talk, attended a university open day, attended a university information event)

10 10 Section A: Motivational Factors and Aspirations

11 11 Section A: Motivational Factors and Aspirations Some of the ‘other’ reasons given include: – “Poor state of job availability in Basingstoke. No qualifications; no job.” – “To adapt my qualifications to English needs” – Currently unemployed and wanted to make the down time as productive as possible” – “To show kids education matters”

12 12 How the students found out about the course they are studying on

13 13 Barriers encountered in returning to study (FE)

14 14 Support of decision to start current course

15 15 Section B: Awareness of progression opportunities

16 16 Awareness of university study modes

17 17 SECTION C: Interest in Education Progression:

18 18 Foreseen barriers to University study

19 19 Confidence in ability to study at University

20 20 Researching opportunities for going to University

21 21 Conclusion Mainly motivated by career prospects or by choosing to study for a career change Barriers to current study: Financial & time however most did not perceive themselves as having any barriers to study! Barriers foreseen: Financial & time, lack of confidence or appropriate qualifications Solutions: Financial funding, flexible learning programmes, closer working relationships with FE Alan Tuckett (Chief executive of NIACE) proposes that public spending should not be cut on Adult education and instead we should be “learning our way out of the recession” Next steps: roll the questionnaire out to further local FEI

22 22 Acknowledgements Pauline Rachman (Basingstoke College of Technology) Susannah Burford (Southampton Solent University) All participants, tutors and assessors who took part and helped with the survey

23 23 References References: Archer, L. (2000). “Social Class and Access to Higher Education: A report of findings from the Social Class and Widening Participation to HE Project”, University of North London (IPSE Occasional Paper) Marks, A. (2002). “Weaving the ‘Seamless Web’: why higher education and further education need to ‘merge’ if lifelong learning is to become a reality”, Journal of Further and Higher Education, 26: 1, 75-80 McGivney, V (2004). “Understanding persistence in adult learning”, Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning, 19: 1, 33-46. Morrell, J. Chowdhury, R. Savage, B. (2004). “Progression from Adult and community learning, 2004”, (DCSF Report) Ross, A. Archer, L. Hutchings, M. Gilchrist, R. Thompson, D. John, C. Akantziliotou, K. (2002). “Potential Mature students recruitment to HE” (Department for Education and Skills, RR385) Bowl, M. (2005). “Frustrated Participants: Adult Learners and Higher Education Aspiration”, School of Education, University of Birmingham. Tuckett, A. Aldridge, F. (2010). “A change for the better: The NIACE Survey on Adult Participation in Learning 2010”. Tuckett, A. (May 2010). “Adult Learning is not an optional extra”, The Guardian. Tobin, L. (May 2010). “Strong increase in demand for adult education” The Guardian.

24 24 Thank you Thank you all for listening Please feel free to ask me any questions Suggestions for Topics to discuss: - Adults as returning learners - Support in applications to FE - Retention - IAG for progression - Support for HE application

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