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1 Apprenticeships

2 Apprenticeships The Manchester College FAQs about Apprenticeships
Possible collaboration Who to contact

3 The Manchester College

4 What We Do All Ages, Levels and Sectors Nurseries Workplace Learning
Academies Offender Learning Post-16 Sixth Forms NEET and Programmes for the Unemployed Adult Learning Higher Education All Ages, Levels and Sectors

5 Why We Do It To increase participation To raise aspirations
To improve achievement and skill levels To improve progression

6 Q. What is an Apprenticeship?
A. It’s a job with training Offered at 3 Levels Intermediate Apprenticeship - Level 2 Advanced Apprenticeship - Level 3 Higher Apprenticeship - Level 4 Offered for 3 age groups 16-18 years old 19-24 25+

7 Q. Where are Apprenticeship jobs found?
A. NAS, or the college, can signpost opportunities National Apprenticeship Service Job matching services

8 Q. What does Apprenticeship training consist of?
An Apprenticeship Framework includes An NVQ competence based qualification A theory/knowledge based qualification A cluster of Functional Skills Employment Rights and Responsibilities input Personal Learning & Thinking Skills

9 Q. How is an Apprenticeship delivered?
A. That all depends… Provider Learner Employer Agree & develop a delivery model & plan to best fit the learner/employer needs.

10 Q. What are elements of best practice?
Focus on workplace delivery – not college attendance English and Maths delivered in an integrated manner Employers fully involved in the assessment process Involvement of workplace Mentors On-job and any off-job training fully integrated Assessors fully involved in recruitment and selection of apprentices

11 Q. What does an Apprenticeship cost?
A. Age is important! No cost to employers 19+ Contribution usually necessary Otherwise, salary cost of employee, BUT, some subsidies are available

12 Q. What Apprenticeships does The Manchester College offer?
A. It’s an expanding offer but at the moment… Construction Business Administration Automotive Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy Health and Social Care Printing Hospitality Management IT Sports Floristry Horticulture Accounting Creative and Cultural Facilities Management Sustainable Resource Management Community and Social Housing

13 PS. We also employ Apprentices…
…around 40 per year across the College in Administration, Estates, Catering, Sport, Accounts, IT Because Part of the Culture and Values of the Organisation Minimises recruitment costs, improves succession planning Our Apprentices are valued and make a valuable contribution

14 How you could get involved
Employ an Apprentice Prepare those not ready yet for an Apprenticeship Use the college’s Apprenticeships as a destination for existing learners Deliver part or all of a Framework with the college

15 Q. Who can I talk to? For Apprenticeships
Riccy Longden (Assistant Principal) For “Third Sector” links Jonathan Putt (Assistant Principal)

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