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DTAS Conference 2013. Individuals Communities Organisations.

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1 DTAS Conference 2013

2 Individuals Communities Organisations


4 What kind of Scotland? Transformational change  Public service reform  Regeneration Strategy  Community Empowerment  Constitutional change

5  Long-term sustainability  Decentralisation and subsidiarity  Focus on improved outcomes for people  Shift to prevention  Building on assets not deficits  Focus on improvement Done by not to communities

6 Strong, vibrant, transformed communities Active involvement and engagement of local people Strong community anchors and partnerships Effective use of assets Long term vision and sustainability

7 People and Communities Fund Community Capacity Building Programme Community asset ownership Ownership of renewables Scottish Land Fund Community Planning Review Procurement DTAS and SCA Enterprising third sector

8 Awareness and understanding Shifting culture Removing fear and building trust Linkages to Third Sector Interfaces and CPPs Business support Resources

9 Being an enabler Investing in community anchors There is no shortage of talent, passion and creativity in our communities. Harnessed by communities it has the potential to transform them.

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