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Foods that manage weight Dr Carrie Ruxton Nutrition Consultant.

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1 Foods that manage weight Dr Carrie Ruxton Nutrition Consultant

2 We have a problem Health Survey for England, 2003

3 People with BMI >25 in UK 2.5 million 1.4 million 22.1 million 0.8 million

4 Obesity rising Numbers of overweight and obese people forecast by Dept of Health 2006

5 State-funded solutions limited Few patients seen by GPs Only 6000 dietitians in UK Drug therapy restricted Surgery heavily restricted All adds up to greater emphasis on self-help

6 Weight management trends “Emerging trends involve more than.. weight loss, but rather.. a moderate, easy-to-follow lifestyle”. Focus is shifting towards foods and beverages that can be digested more slowly. Market growing by ~ 3.5% per year Datamonitor: Diet Watchers 2005

7 Who are the weight management consumers? Healthy, Moderate Lifestylers: –Trying to maintain current weight/size –Interested in eating healthily as part of lifestyle –Currently 20% of European adults Weight loss dieters: –Trying to lose weight –Interested in restricting fat, sugar and calories –Currently 30% of European adults Datamonitor: Diet Watchers 2005

8 Crossover with nutraceuticals “Capitalize on obesity concerns with weight-loss functional foods” –Foods and beverages with ‘negative calories’ or other functional angles –Foods and beverages that are low in fat, sugar and calories Datamonitor: Nutraceuticals 2005

9 Perceived consumer interest in functional foods & beverages Ranking Foods that control weight1 Energy-boosting products2 Fortified drinks3 Fortified foods4 Herbal supplements5 Beauty foods/drinks6 Datamonitor: Nutraceuticals 2005

10 What we know More than half of adults have a weight problem and % is increasing Significant % of these are interested in foods that manage weight Interesting crossover with functional market which is growing by 3.5% annually

11 What ingredients work? What claims can be made? What’s the market like? What do consumers think and want? Who has done it already?

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