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Margaret Howard The future shape of Kent County Council.

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1 Margaret Howard The future shape of Kent County Council

2 Things happening across the country What Kent County Council will do in the future How Adult Social Services will work in the future When these things will happen This Presentation will cover Kent County Council

3 There are more older people and more people with disabilities who live longer The government is committed to making sure people have more choice and control There will be less money for public services –KCC needs to save £340m out of £1431m (over the next 4 years) Across the Country Kent County Council

4 Bold Steps for Kent KCC will have 3 main ambitions for Kent: 1.Grow the economy 2.Put citizens in control 3.Tackle disadvantage KCC will only commission outcomes they will not run services First Bold Step - “one council” approach Change to Keep Succeeding –What KCC will look like in the future KCC in the future Kent County Council

5 Consultative Alternative Structure Version 1.0 13 October 2010 ALTERNATIVE PROPOSAL

6 Will make sure that Adult social services Kent Adult Social Services people are still supported high quality services continue personalisation continues we make best use of public money we work with partners (NHS, Voluntary Organisation, Social Enterprise, ….)

7 Some things that need to happen now Kent Adult Social Services Adult social services More enquiries dealt with at point of contact More assessments and reviews using clinics More people in charge of their own lives

8 Next year from April 2011 to March 2012 Adult social services Kent Adult Social Services “One County” – No East Kent / West Kent split Mental Health and Learning Disability Older People and Physical Disability Maintain support and services while getting ready for change

9 By 2014/15, Adult Social Services will only do Kent Adult Social Services Adult social services Commissioning Safeguarding Quality assurance Contracting Performance

10 By 2014/15 will consider other options for social care services, like: Kent Adult Social Services Working together with health in new organisations Social enterprises External providers Right to bid – KCC staff bidding to run services Adult social services

11 By 2014/15 options could include: Kent Adult Social Services Changes to Older Peoples services Increasing charges to people who use services Renegotiating contracts with providers to ensure best value Externally commission non-statutory services moving in-house services to other providers Will be balanced with the needs of people who use services Adult social services

12 KCC changes Change to Keep Succeeding –Formal consultation 18 th Oct – 3 rd Dec 10 –Council decision 16 th Dec 10 –Director changes – Jan/Feb 11 –New directorates – April 2011 The savings start from April 2011 When Kent County Council

13 Kent Adult Social Services Questions

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