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Improving Customer Service in Harrow Jonathan Milbourn – Head of Customer Services.

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1 Improving Customer Service in Harrow Jonathan Milbourn – Head of Customer Services

2 Good to be back!


4 About Harrow…. ●Harrow is the 12 th largest London Borough in terms of size, but 20 th in terms of population. ●One fifth of the borough is composed of parkland and open spaces ●Harrow has roughly 239,100 residents (an increase of 32,300 since 2001) ●Harrow is the most religiously diverse borough in the country and 4 th highest non-white British population ●Harrow is generally an affluent borough, ranking 27 th out of 32 in the index of multiple depravation in London, but has some serious pockets of depravation. ●Harrow has the third largest population of millionaires in London

5 Time is short!

6 A is for Artificial Intelligence

7 B is for Benchmarking

8 C is for Control the website ●Take control of the website! ●Understanding your customers –Use of customer segmentation –Broadband access and usage –What on-line services do customers want/use –Keep checking you’ve got it right ●Web site design –Decide on the purpose of your web site and stick to it –Make it easy for people to find what they need –Minimise the number of ‘clicks’ needed to get there –Make sure the information is easy to understand and up to date

9 D is for Dynamic design





14 Avoidable Contact The assessment of whether a contact is avoidable relates only to what caused the customer to make contact ie was it unnecessary. –the Council didn’t do something – the Council did something wrong – the customer is seeking unnecessary clarification –there is repeat contact with a customer who has to provide the same information a number of times – the customer is progress chasing E is for Eliminate avoidable contact

15 Typical Monthly Volume% AvoidableComments Benefits Document Received79222 On occasions Atlas or DWP reports already confirm information we have asked for. Also customers bring in documents that are not needed. For example a tenancy agreement with no changes. Chasing Progress of Assessment/Query73471 Customers always appear to chase progress whether it be within the SLA or outside the SLA, even if the SLA has been highlighted to them. Changes in Circumstances7306 New Claim7213 This can happen because a customer is not entitled. For example has no rent liability or does not live in our borough. Also on occasions the process is just a dispute and not a new claim. Response to Assessor Letter59731 Customers often contact us to get us to repeat what is on the letter or contact us because they cannot make our deadlines. However they do have more time than what we have stated. There is also occasions where a delay in scanning on documents means there Entitlement Query48337 This is because customers are still not understanding our decision notifications or gandlake cover letters and are asking for clarification. I would say that this is more down to language barrier where weekly award etc does not make sense to everyone. Payment Query44837 Customers often contact to find out when the next payment is which is available on MHA. The other aspects of this which customer usually ask is why they have been paid a certain amount, usually after a CIC which is similar to the entitlement query. Assessor Letter - further info2319 Again this is usually down to a cross over in information being asked for and a delay in the documents received being scanned on. E is for Eliminate avoidable contact

16 F is for Face-to-Face, over the telephone


18 ●Location data – the concept of place ●GIS = Geographic Information System –The management and use of location based data –Eg lamp posts, customers, crime, fraud, flood zones, roads ●Around 80% of local government / business data has a ‘location’ element ●Location data underpins many decisions and service delivery ●Everything is run from one central server so everybody views the same data G is for GIS

19 Harrow Spatial Database Harrow Spatial Database LLPG Access Harrow Deeds System Planning Environment Highways + many more Access Harrow Deeds System Planning Environment Highways + many more P U BLIC I NTERNAL Department Editors Department Editors GIS Team Council Systems My Harrow Find your nearest MyH Account Web Forms School Tools + many more My Harrow Find your nearest MyH Account Web Forms School Tools + many more Website 1000+ datasets G is for GIS

20 Harrow Spatial Database Harrow Spatial Database LLPG Access Harrow Deeds System Planning Environment Highways + many more Access Harrow Deeds System Planning Environment Highways + many more Department Editors Department Editors Council Systems 1000+ datasets G is for GIS

21 H is for Help from the public

22 I is for Integration

23 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 Improved Process 6 separate logins 3 separate system searches Double keying & system updates Manual hand off to service area Status update only available from service area Single sign on to access systems 3 automated searches Automatic system updates Automatic hand off (Civica) Status available online (Civica) Status available online (Civica) I is for Integration


25 J is for Journey mapping


27 K is for Know when to stop adding and redesign

28 L is for Lean Reviews Planning ●Writing out to customers isn’t the best way to communicate ●Customers are happy if you grant planning permission before the 56 th day ●Having different codes for the same thing is confusing for staff ●Reject 50% then 35% Concessionary Travel ●Sorting the inbound post is not a specialist role ●Work can be distributed to all trained staff ●Post, post, post - there are other methods of communicating with customers ●Wednesday is not the only day that you are allowed to post out on

29 ●LLPG = Local Land and Property Gazetteer –Spatial database of all land and property within Harrow –Maintained centrally by LLPG Custodian ●THE corporate address database for Harrow –“Logical Glue” between systems –Enhances integration and service delivery ●Integrated into over 15+ systems M is for Maintain the LLPG

30 LLPG CRMPlanning Public Realm Council Tax Electoral Services EMS School Distance Tool Housing Adults & Social Care Waste Collector SNT Web Forms MyHarrow Corporate GIS Members Portal

31 N is for Networking

32 Mrs E is an older person whose husband is her carer. Her Husband passes away and she contacts the Council through a Golden Number to register the death The Access Harrow contact centre book the appointment with the Registrar and enquire about her wider support needs. The Advisor changes her council tax details for single person allowance and recognises that her change in circumstances will trigger a benefits change so sets up a F2F appointment for the same day. The Advisor pre-screens for the Reablement service and warm transfers her to a social worker. Mrs E is advised of her appointment date and starts collecting the financial evidence needed. Mrs E only needs to produce some updated documents as Access Harrow already holds information. Mrs E visits Access Harrow and the advisor has a file with information about her current position. The advisor recognises that she has a disability so arranges for an assisted bin collection which takes place immediately. Mrs E receives a letter advising that her benefits have been reassessed and she will be getting an enhanced benefit. She also notices that her assisted rubbish collection has commenced. Mrs E continues to receive support from the Reablement team and begins to regain her independence Mrs E continues to live independently, supported by a personal carer, enhanced benefits and a tele-care package. Access Harrow calls her to ensure the support is meeting her needs Access Harrow initiate a review of Mrs E’s benefits and council tax payments and advise her of the outcome They also arrange for assisted rubbish collections and a mobility assessment Following her Assessment, Mrs E receives a package of support in her Home to enable her to remain independent O is for One stop service

33 Council Tax Business Rates Housing Benefits Council Tax Benefits Housing Resident Services Housing Repairs Waste & Recycling Environmental Health School Admissions Parking Building Control Planning (including vetting & validation) Adult Social Care Community Alarms Concessionary Travel Electoral Services Registration Services Nationality Checking/Citizenship Accounts Payable/Receivable Switchboard O is for One stop service

34 P is for Pro-active messaging

35 Q is for Queue calls effectively

36 ●Why the focus? –vs speed of answer ●What do we mean by this? –An enquiry resolved needing only one call from the customer. It could either be resolved by the agent at the point of contact or by a subsequent action (e.g. collect bin) How do we achieve it? –Access to all necessary systems and information –Comprehensive training –Empowering staff –Continuous challenge of ‘hand-off’ points –Absorbing additional responsibilities such as processing ●What do we resolve at FPC? –91% of enquiries R is for Resolution at first point of contact


38 ●We had reached a point where to expand the on line services we offer, we needed to know who we are communicating with ●Upon registering, a secure PIN is sent to the customer’s registered address, similar to online banking ●We can now authenticate who we are communicating with electronically, and can now offer an expanded range of personalised services ●Different services require higher levels of authentication S is for Single online account

39 –Revenues and Benefits –Landlord account –Planning –Libraries –Alerts –Electoral Registration –Members and Neighbourhood Champions –Streets –Local Information –Waste and recycling S is for Single online account

40 50% annual decrease in ‘simple’ Housing Benefit payment queries 19% of Annual Canvass forms completed via the MyHarrow account 35% decrease in ‘simple’ Council Tax queries 20% annual decrease in ‘simple’ rent enquiries 99% of landlord enquiries are now via the MyHarrow account The current monthly log-ins save us the equivalent of 11.5 FTE That’s a £305,000 annual saving! 1,630 text alerts are sent out every month 17,247 changes to the electoral register via the MHA 65 accounts are opened every day 15 people log into their account every hour! The busiest time is the first Monday of the month There are 15 alerts available S is for Single online account

41 2013 –Employee portal –Leasehold services –School Admissions –Business account –Electronic invoice delivery –Instant self-service access –Expansion of Revs and Bens 2014 –Housing repairs –Track all service requests –Planning/Building Control portal –Adult Social Care – personalised budgets and suppliers portal –Consultation and communications –Mobile app S is for Single online account

42 ●Annual Canvass – Fully Electronic –Residents sent activation codes for MHA rather than the traditional canvass form –To access their canvass details, residents log in and retrieve –‘Changes’ made via MHA, –‘No Changes’ encouraged to open MHA –No return envelopes included –No text or telephone services (for no changes) ●18,000 forms completed S is for Single online account

43 T is for Training ●Understand the job ●Ask the right questions ●How to solve the problem ●Sell online services

44 ●Segments all UK households and postcodes ●Over 900 data variables ●46% Census data, 54% other data ●Validated & updated annually Socio-demographic classification 61 Lifestyle Types 11 Lifestyle Groups 243 Lifestyle Segments U is for Understand your customers


46 ●Late/middle aged, married couples ●Teenage children ●Expensive, detached houses ●Luxury cars ●Very high incomes, investments ●Top professions, senior managers ●Well educated ●Waste & Recycling ●Environmental services ●Pays council tax via direct debit ●Preferred Communication Channel - Web Segment A - Extremely wealthy professionals - 10.3% of households U is for Understand your customers

47 ●Young singles & co-habitees ●Work in City ●Private rented flats ●High income ●Professional occupations ●High levels of smoking/drinking ●Council Tax summons ●Parking Permit ●Preferred Communication Channel - Web Segment D - Young professionals on high salaries - 9.5% of households U is for Understand your customers

48 Segment F - Suburban Asian families on moderate incomes - 23.9% of households ●Families with children ●Suburban, semis or terraces ●Asian background ●Middle income ●Multi-person households ●English not first language ●Jobseekers allowance ●Non-smokers, non-drinkers ●Planning ●Schools admissions service ●Preferred Communication Channel – Telephone U is for Understand your customers

49 V is for Veto telephone numbers online

50 W is for Workforce management


52 X is for eXtract savings ●Since 2006/7 - Costs ↑ by 76%, Transactions ↑ by 504% ●For services migrating to Access Harrow – immediate saving of 30% ●Savings of £375k (15 FTE’s) pa delivered via channel migration ●£1.3 million (30%) savings in MTFS for 2013-16

53 YearUnique visits per month Transactions per month Total Account Holders Monthly Account Users 2008/968,2501,350N/A 2009/1072,5132,826N/A 2010/1173,7744,9503,8751,619 2011/1277,91812,86312,7104,740 2012/13115,76422,72432,92110,412 2013/14 (P6) 161,01427,44940,03111,444* * Equates to 11.5 FTE or £305k per annum Y is for Yippee for good results!

54 ●% Calls Answered - 96% ●% Calls Answered < 30 seconds - 90% ●Average Speed to Answer - 29 secs ●Average Wait Time (F2F) - 4’ 42” ●% Customers seen <10 minutes - 81% ●% Web Forms answered <24 hours - 99% ●% Emails answered <48 hours- 96% Y is for Yippee for good results!

55 ●Avoidable Contact - 18% ●Resolution at First Contact - 91% ●Customer Satisfaction with OSS- 95% ●Reputation tracker- +30% ●% self serve enquiries - 67% ●Cost per enquiry - £0.68 Y is for Yippee for good results!

56 How do we support residents to make the change? 2013/142014/152015/162016/17 OSS monthly reduction 1,700 3,5001,700 Expected monthly volume 9,4007,7002,200500 OSS annual staff reduction 4 FTE 8 FTE4 FTE Remaining Staff 20 FTE16 FTE12 FTE4 FTE Z is for Zero face to face

57 Customer Services Strategy Increase customer satisfaction…. ●One stop service - where appropriate ●Focus on resolution at the first point of contact ●Understand our customers and respond to their needs ●Eliminate avoidable contacts …..whilst reducing costs ●Make each contact as efficient as possible ●Build the website to handle all services and migrate ●Make self-service the only option where appropriate ●Reduce face-to-face contact to a minimum

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