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Appraisal - introducing the ‘model’ model appraisal form C Twomey 2013.

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1 Appraisal - introducing the ‘model’ model appraisal form C Twomey 2013

2 Paperwork – what is really needed?



5 Section 6 – Review of personal development plan

6 Section 7 – Continuing Professional Development

7 Unless you click on ‘not available’ the entry is automatically included in the list of information provided in Section 16

8 Section 7 – Continuing Professional Development

9 Power point presentation summarising the NICE guidance for DVT/pulmonary embolism and a description of the drugs which can be used Copy of hand out provided summarising the advantages and disadvantages of the available drugs used for DVT This is evidence of sharing knowledge and teaching and working with colleagues as well as maintaining familiarity with current guidelines Example of an attachment in the model form

10 Section 7 – Continuing Professional Development

11 Child Protection Attach a document outlining the main things which you learned from attending the child protection training and how this might change your practice in the future This is evidence of complying with the need to protect vulnerable patients and improve safety. It also shows evidence of keeping up to date with the law as it affects general practice Another example of an attachment on the model form

12 Examples of poor quality CPD

13 Section 8 - Quality improvement activity

14 Raised BP An initial audit of patients presenting between April to June with BP >140/90 to show how many were offered home BP readings and of those found to have hypertension how many had completed QRISK2 assessments Any problems encountered with this audit Reflection on the findings and actions planned such as training meetings Plan to review This would be evidence of critically reviewing your work with the aim of improving standards and fits with principles of GMP ‘to monitor and improve their quality of work’ Domain 1 Example to show how any audit could be described in Quality Improvement Activity

15 Significant event as an example of Quality improvement Activity

16 Quality Improvement Activity – examples of poor evidence



19 Section 11 – Complaints and compliments What constitutes a complaint?

20 A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction or grievance. It can be about an individual doctor, the team or about the care of patients where a doctor could be expected to have had influence or responsibility. GMC definition

21 Section 11 Example of a complaint and response from the model form

22 Significant events and complaints are on a continuum and are not necessarily correlated well in terms of importance In terms of appraisal they need to be considered as opportunities to demonstrate reflection and change

23 Patient and colleague feedback Achievements challenges and aspirations Probity and health Other information

24 Section 15 – PDP proposals

25 Section 17 Pre-appraisal discussion Key points Shadow of section 19 Quality improvement activities and SEA vital Refer to examples – not new evidence Academic exercise but hopefully beneficial


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