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A2 English Unit 4 Poetry – Carol Ann Duffy

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1 A2 English Unit 4 Poetry – Carol Ann Duffy

2 Oslo The title is the name of a real place.
It is the subject of, but not named in the poem. Four quatrains and a couplet to end. Odd numbered lines rhyme or half rhyme. Lines of almost equal length create a regular rhythm.

3 Oslo Speaks directly to the reader.
Starts as instructions on what to do in a strange town. Town personified as revealing itself. Your own town could never do that because you have grown up learning it gradually.

4 Oslo Being a foreigner, not speaking the language turns a person into a baby again, innocent. Cliché- what can’t speak can’t lie? Strangers, foreigners are seen as invisible – why?

5 Oslo Suggesting some bad behaviour. Getting up to mischief in a new place where no-one knows you. Innocent baby or grown up & naughty?

6 Oslo Enjambment from second to third stanza.
Time passes, going from planning to go there to actually going through the door. Brief phrases, indicating the speed at which events take place. Ready to gamble.

7 Oslo The writer implies this is the time for naïve tourists rather than “real” gamblers. How are they described? Repetition of bet suggests compulsive nature of activity.

8 Oslo Comparing gambling to life in general?
Fourth stanza starts with a cliché- win some/lose some. Comparing gambling to life in general? Hasn’t caught the gambling bug as line one suggests writer is bored. Child like – what next?

9 Oslo Hotel seen as home whilst in this foreign town.
With only a numbered key, impersonal – no winnings. Writer appears to know Oslo quite well. Norwegian wood = sly reference to Beatles song – common referent in Duffy’s work.

10 Oslo Last line of stanza – Why? For now, you’re lucky –
Moves onto last stanza – couplet – implies you may have lost money at tables but somebody loves you.

11 Oslo Very complex & full last two lines. Based on more clichés-
Lucky at cards/unlucky in love, or vice versa Wishing on a star Choose a star with lover and agree both will look to it.

12 Oslo “Sieve” – suggests selecting one from many.
Several incomplete phrases or sayings throughout poem. How much of what is here follows Duffy’s frequent use of conversational style? Where does she use figurative language?

13 Oslo What is the general mood of the poem?
How did you come to these conclusion? What can you cite from the text to support your views?

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